How do you feel about per­sons who com­mit heinous crimes, such as rape and mur­der, be­ing granted pa­role?


Re­tired crime fighter Reneto Adams be­lieves that crim­i­nals who commt pre­med­i­tated crimes should not be el­i­gi­ble for pa­role un­til they have spent at least 50 years in prison. @yaadlife­of­fi­cial: Ev­ery­one de­serves to be granted pa­role af­ter 25 years af­ter be­ing locked in a cage most of the day. If they don’t de­serve pa­role, then bring back the death penalty, it’s dat sim­ple.

@reynold­san­nie: Those kind of men can­not sur­vive in so­ci­ety any­more. They do not have the same men­tal­ity as a nor­mal per­son. They will even­tu­ally com­mit crime again. Not to men­tion they most likely go back to the com­mu­nity to live where they com­mit the crime. What about the fam­i­lies that suf­fer, no, they should stay where they are, in prison.

@__kris­sy­royal: They don’t de­serve to go to prison to live on tax­pay­ers’ money. Granted pa­role is just a waste of time, they’ll do just the same thing again. [They] de­serve burial pun­ish­ments.

@ink­boss_: Ok my opin­ion is that they should free World Boss and leave the rest to rot in prison. @an­drewalone: I say hang them high. Ka­mala Wright: In a civ­i­lized so­ci­ety with hu­man­i­tar­ian laws peo­ple must be al­lowed to ap­ply for pa­role. But they should not be granted. Shan­nakay Blake: Ev­ery­one de­serves a, sec­ond chance.

Nov­lyn Peters: In a place like Ja­maica with so much on­go­ing crimes, please keep them be­hind the wall, putting them out in so­ci­ety spells more crim­m­m­m­meeeeeeeee. Danny McLean: Put them in front of the fir­ing squad !!!!


Reneto Adams

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