Reg­gae artiste Chuck Fenda takes on dance­hall


Roots-and-cul­ture mu­sic is Chuck Fenda’s choice style, so it may come as a sur­prise that his lat­est re­lease comes on a dance­hall rhythm.

With his brand new sin­gle One Man To Your Ting Alone, he has at­tempted to kill two birds with one stone.

In us­ing dance­hall, he hopes to con­nect with a wider de­mo­graphic of lis­ten­ers. In the song, he is urg­ing women to value them­selves.

“I never re­ally go on a dance­hall song in years. At first, mi never re­ally like it,” Chuck told THE WEEK­END STAR. “It was my pro­ducer Marvin who en­cour­aged me to go on the rid­dim.”

So he trod the un­fa­mil­iar path, heed­ing his pro­ducer’s sug­ges­tion.

The pro­ducer’s logic was that work­ing with a dance­hall track could en­gage lis­ten­ers out­side the reg­gae-lov­ing au­di­ence.

De­spite Chuck’s pref­er­ence for roots rhythms, he obliged.

One Man To Your Ting Alone was re­leased on Oc­to­ber 25. Ac­cord­ing to the artiste, the song is a cel­e­bra­tion of the monog­a­mous woman.

“The ‘one-man’ ting gone a long time ago. It’s a dif­fer­ent world now. It’s all about money. This video is just show­ing what’s hap­pen­ing out there, how fe­males por­tray them­selves now. But it’s still giv­ing both sides of it, show­ing a woman with one per­son,” he ex­plained.

Chuck wrote the song as a di­rect re­ac­tion to the ef­fects of so­cial-me­dia in­flu­encers. The Gash Dem singer be­lieves that many mod­ern women’s val­ues are mis­placed be­cause they try to em­u­late life­styles as seen on the In­ter­net. “Fe­males have to be role mod­els and value them­selves,” he said.

Chuck re­ports that feed­back on both the song and the video has been pos­i­tive. “The peo­ple dem love it. They are lis­ten­ing to it be­cause I stick to the mes­sage. We can’t stray from who we are. It’s still a right­eous mes­sage be­cause at the end of the day, a just mu­sic.”

Chuck Fenda

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