type of songs to ex­pect from her.

“My fans know me for be­ing me, Spice. They al­ready know all the slack songs (on the mix­tape) — Ge­nie, Cool It — and so I don’t think there will be any dis­con­nect,” she said.


“Ev­ery al­bum has a ti­tle song, a track that pushes it, and I think that’s the song. Peo­ple are go­ing to take the time out to know the rest of the song be­cause that’s what peo­ple know Spice for.”

When asked if Black Hypocrisy was part of any re­brand­ing, per­haps lean­ing more to­wards her calmer, more sub­tle side (Grace Hamil­ton), Spice in­di­cated that ev­ery artiste has to step away from the ‘ray ray’ ev­ery now and then to ad­dress some se­ri­ous is­sue. She then ex­plained that the lat­ter should not be taken as an in­di­ca­tion that the artiste will now be al­ter­ing the stage per­son­al­i­ties they’ve spent years es­tab­lish­ing.

“I wouldn’t say I’m re­brand­ing be­cause I’m not go­ing to stand here and tell you that I’m go­ing to stay here and start singing reg­gae songs be­cause me nah stop sing me slack songs dem, to be hon­est. That’s what my fans love me for. It’s good that as an artiste, I’m able to at­tack dif­fer­ent ar­eas,” she said.

“Peo­ple al­ways a say Spice only sing this type of song or that type of song, but the truth is that’s what the fans love me for and that’s what keeps my fan base grow­ing. But there will come a time again where I will see some­thing I need to ad­dress, and I’m go­ing to ad­dress it.”

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