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Dear Pas­tor,

I was in a re­la­tion­ship for eight years and I was al­ways faith­ful. My fi­ancée left me and is now liv­ing with an­other woman in a sub­mis­sive role.

Do you think she was pre­tend­ing all th­ese years to love me? She has also de­cided to be­come a les­bian.

I re­ally love this woman and I have never cheated on her or ever been abu­sive to her. I just need some­one’s per­spec­tive on this mat­ter; it hurts a lot. I am so con­fused.


Dear Con­fused,

Eight years is a long time for some­one who is liv­ing with her spouse to pre­tend that she did not love him. If you and this woman you call your fi­ancée were liv­ing to­gether and you never cheated and you never abused her, some­thing was never right.

She has left you and is now liv­ing with a woman, and you say that she has taken on a more sub­mis­sive role. I sup­pose you mean that her part­ner plays the more dom­i­nant role in the re­la­tion­ship she is now hav­ing.

I could see why you are so con­fused be­cause you give the im­pres­sion that you thought that your re­la­tion­ship with this woman was just about per­fect. But per­haps she felt that it was not and she was al­ways in­clined to have a woman as a part­ner.

I could only re­mind you that you can’t force a woman to love you and it does not make sense for you to fight to get her back. What I sug­gest that you do is that you should pray about the mat­ter. Leave her alone and wish her well.


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