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“I have now recorded around 70 works in the neoclassical genre. I started to release and distribute them in the summer. I think it would have been almost impossible to make this contemporary genre more widely recognised in the world if it had not been meant to happen, somehow. We all have something we are supposed to do, however light our intentions. As it turns out, I found myself surrounded by a level of organisational and creative opportunity that it would have been unforgiveable to walk away from. A concert is a kind of search, a test, a skijump, an event that expands the limits of our opportunities and serves as a creative stimulus. It brings a transforming ‘reverse energy’, in the form of the live emotions coming from an appreciative audience. It would have been extremely difficult to keep going for so many years without this emotional feedback. Concerts are also commercial events, in which spending has to be justified and tickets sold, not simply distributed. I am planning to have concerts in the neoclassical genre in London and other cities in the world in order to attract a wider audience, develop contacts and offer more people a new experience. I am planning a large concert that will involve the final participation of all the musicians

who have performed during the concert. The tentative title of this series of concerts is Eastwest Neoclassics. We are already negotiating with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin Symphony Orchestra and Mezzo, the French television channel. I believe these concerts will bring us valuable, intangible assets in the form of solid cultural ties, a platform for the promotion of our music and, what is most important, bring a positive cultural experience to our audience. We will make high quality video recordings so that the performance can be experienced by those who follow us. By ‘us’ I mean like-minded people who understand that creativity awakens, lifts and nurtures the human soul. Of course, all these plans have only been possible with financial assistance. My friends Sauat Mynbayev, Nurzhan Subkhanberdin, Askar Alshinbayev, Nurzhan Bekshenov, Serik Tulbassov, Galimzhan Yessenov and others have been supporting me during these years of planning and I am endlessly grateful to them for this.

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