Neoclassical Music

Tengri - - Kazakhstan -

“What music can be considered inspired? There must be music that helps the soul develop and charges our inner world. I see it as a subtle message in the air, an intangible stream of universal, gratuitous, clean energy that conveys immaterial, irresolute joy. In this sense, inspired music is everything that is written in the heart, with a sincere desire to please and to voice the secret impulses and thoughts God has sent us. For me, neoclassical music happens to be the language most suited to communicating the spiritual information I have in my heart. I see it in the form of melodies and then later, arrangers and performers become involved in the process, people who are, in their turn, conductors of energy. My path to neoclassical music has been entirely intuitive and was never planned. I listen to my inner voice and transfer this into music.

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