Yongjing Park

Tengri - - Destination -

The entrance to the park is decorated with natural installations in the form of huge tree stumps, whose rings reveal their great age. There is also a memorial in the shape of the wooden wheels of an ancient water mill, a reminder of the times when the powerful hydroelectric power station did not exist. In the evening my new friends, local Chinese girls, took me around their native town. We admired the bright lights on the river that beautifully illuminated the openwork bridges and drew fantastic illuminations on the rocks. We fed tame golden fish in the pond. The girls drew my attention to the hand-painted decorations on the parapets of a large bridge crossing the river. Unique patterns and illustrations covered every part of the bridge, offering a complete exhibition of folk art all in one place. In the mornings, groups of Chinese get together to practice the exercise regimes of Wushu and Tai Chi in parks and squares, and in the evenings they sing songs in shady arbours and join up to dance. They generally love doing anything in chorus: eating, singing, talking, dancing and marching.

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