Local People

Tengri - - Destination -

The quiet, meditative and smoothly flowing Chinese music is like whisper, in sharp contrast to the regular speech in the streets or airports. The residents of the Heavenly Empire, young and middleaged, make as much racket as a flock of noisy crows as they gather together and simultaneously scream and laugh. The ringing, bird-like cries are overflowing with emotion and it is quite difficult to accustom oneself to the noise. However, I attribute this to culture shock and would like to add that in general I found the Chinese people very friendly and open, and thoughtful, even delicate, in personal communication. The older locals have a very different style. Many of them carry light stools in the same informal way as young people carry their fashionable rucksacks. They use them to take a seat anywhere, in an unconventional way. They just sit, contemplate the bustle around them and calmly enjoy life on the riverbank, peacefully talking or having green tea from tiny thermoses, moving around like turtles carrying their houses on their backs.

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