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What should you bring back from Uzbekistan as a souvenir or more serious gift? Textiles, ceramics, stamped and engraved articles, embroidery, carpets, knives, dried fruit, whatever catches your eye. Some shops in the city centre offer the work of young designers, which while often interesting can sometimes have unjustifiably high price tags. Remember that you are in the East and you should bargain. If you show you are serious the seller may well offer you a discount, allowing you to become the proud owner of an exclusive product for a great price. At the Chorsu Bazaar you are bound to find something you like at a price that makes you happy. Consider the fact that mass production often produces lower quality and so you would be best to take an experienced guide or go to a reliable seller recommended by friends.

Most importantly of all, forget about hustle and rush; these notions are alien to the Uzbek mentality, nothing here works out at top speed. Be polite and smile like almost everyone else, don’t forget to bargain, and double-check everything as the East would not be the East without cunning fellows like Hodja Nasreddin or Aldar Kose. Enjoy your trip and you will certainly want to return.

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