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With so many types of mat­tresses in the mar­ket, cus­tomers ind it di icult to choose the right one. Re­mem­ber the two key as­pects of a good mat­tress are dura­bil­ity and com­fort.

SUP­PORT: The lay­er­ing of dif­fer­ent foams in your mat­tress en­sures proper pos­ture and main­tain­ing your spine’s nat­u­ral align­ment. The foam should sup­port your weight. Good sleep is not only de­pen­dent on the amount of hours spent in bed, but by the qual­ity of bed­ding ma­te­ri­als es­pe­cially mat­tresses.

DURA­BIL­ITY: The dura­bil­ity of your mat­tress is de­ter­mined by the com­bi­na­tion of high den­sity and spe­cial­ity foams, re­sult­ing in a long last­ing sleep­ing sur­face.

HYGIENE: Get mat­tresses with lay­ers treated with nano-tech­nol­ogy pro­tec­tion and which pro­tects against mos­qui­toes, dust mites, bed­bugs and bac­te­ria. Over and above, look for non-al­ler­genic and has an open cell struc­ture with breath­able prop­er­ties. Air and mois­ture freely lows through foam mat­tresses.


Spe­cial­ity foam mat­tresses adapt per­fectly to in­di­vid­ual body shapes pro­vid­ing com­fort and sup­port.

Foam has be­come such a widely-used ma­te­rial and the two most pop­u­lar foam mat­tresses in the world are vis­cous-elas­tic (Mem­ory Foam) and HR (High Re­silience Foam) which have trans­formed the way we think about mat­tresses. For in­stance, in France, over 70 per cent of peo­ple sleep on these mat­tresses.

Many ex­perts rec­om­mend mem­ory foam mat­tresses for im­proved rest and re­lief from com­plaints like back pain. Mem­ory foam grad­u­ally ad­justs to your unique body shape and ex­cel­lent sup­port is pro­vided at pres­sure points along the shoul­der blades, but­tocks, head, heels, hips and el­bows. In turn, this al­le­vi­ates stress on the skele­ton and mus­cles, re­duc­ing numb­ness, stiffness and pain. Your need to turn dur­ing the night, in search of a more com­fort­able po­si­tion is also re­duced by up to 80 per cent. This re­sults in a deeper and more sat­is­fy­ing sleep.

The high re­silience foam has an even higher elas­tic­ity, or springi­ness, than mem­ory foam. When sleep­ing on it, your spinal col­umn is straight when you’re ly­ing on your side, and re­mains in the nat­u­ral dou­ble S-line when you’re ly­ing on your back.

Rakesh Shah, CEO Vitaform

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