Love more, laugh harder and seek God for life is very short

Would you be happy with your life if you knew at this time to­mor­row your fam­ily will be plan­ning your burial?

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Dr Wa­home’s death should re­mind us to ap­pre­ci­ate the mir­a­cle that is life

There are men with po­ten­tial and then there was Dr Wa­home Gakuru. A man of vi­sion and teem­ing with big dreams for Ny­eri County. It was very clear that the peo­ple of Ny­eri had struck a gold mine by elect­ing a man of Dr Wa­home’s stature.

If all went well, it seemed to me that Dr Wa­home would have been a bench­mark of what vi­sion­ary lead­er­ship should be about. Who knows, maybe he had it in him the seed of na­tional lead­er­ship. Sadly, the peo­ple of Ny­eri and Kenyans will never see what would have be­come of Dr Wa­home. In fact, I dare say that he is the best gov­er­nor that Ny­eri County will never have.

That said, I must also add that Dr Gakuru’s sud­den death jolted me to re­flect about life. The gov­er­nor had pre­vi­ously hosted his son and class­mates from Al­liance High School in his Runda home, to wish them well in their KCSE ex­am­i­na­tions.

A few days ear­lier, the gov­er­nor ac­com­pa­nied his col­leagues from cen­tral Kenya to make plans to re­vive the Nairobi-nanyuki rail­way line.

No­body knew that it was the last time they were see­ing the gov­er­nor. Un­til that chilly, rainy Tues­day morn­ing when the gov­er­nor met a most pain­ful death. It is heart-break­ing when I imag­ine that the gov­er­nor got into his Mercedes Benz E250 to come to Nairobi for an interview with Kameme TV, but ar­rived in the city in a body bag, and not to his pre­de­ter­mined des­ti­na­tion, but to a cold box in the morgue.

The things we take for granted, my friends. To wake up and run your er­rands and go back home to your fam­ily in one piece is a mir­a­cle we like to for­get.

It can­not be un­der­scored enough that life is short and frag­ile. Few of us will be pre­pared for the exit, even fewer of us will have reached our ut­most po­ten­tial by the time we die. Think about it. Would you be sat­is­fied with your life if you learnt that by this time to­mor­row your fam­ily will be plan­ning your fu­neral?

Which is why I would like to en­cour­age you to avoid living as if you will be around for­ever. Do not, for a mo­ment, take your life for granted. Oc­cupy your life with only the things that mat­ter. Make peace with ev­ery­one, even those that do not love peace, for your life is too short to spend at war. Start that project you have been putting off for years.

Tell the peo­ple around you that you love and ap­pre­ci­ate them. Spend time with your chil­dren for you never know when that cold Tues­day morn­ing will come and you will be gone. Look your chil­dren in the eye, tell them you love and sup­port them and that you will al­ways be there for them be­cause one day, when you are gone, they will need to re­play those words in their mind.

Love more, hate less. Let go of grudges. For­give at all times, and avoid a life of bit­ter­ness and anger, you don’t want to miss out on the bub­bly warm feeling of love. Do not waste your en­ergy on vengeance. Spend your en­ergy on mak­ing peace and loving more. Do not die an an­gry per­son.

Don’t spend all your time work­ing, holed up in your of­fice. Take some time off for a long evening walk in Karura for­est, breathe the fresh air and laugh with the mon­keys; for one day, you will be shoved into a fridge, await­ing your burial.

Do the things you love, be with the peo­ple you love, fol­low your pas­sions and pur­sue your dreams re­lent­lessly. Your life is far too frag­ile to spend un­happy and dis­il­lu­sioned.

Above all, en­sure that you are at peace with God. Spend time on your knees, make prayer your daily bread. Read your Bi­ble or Ko­ran or what­ever it is that you read. Al­low God to speak to you through His word. There is a cer­tain un­bound­ing so­lace in God’s word, as there is a cer­tain peace of mind in know­ing that God is your friend. Only through such a di­vine con­nec­tion do you re­alise your true north.

Fi­nally, al­low your­self to be soaked in God’s love, to know Him more, to ex­pe­ri­ence Him in a pro­found way, that when He calls you home, He will be pleased with what you did with your life. Live a life of mean­ing so when you are gone, we will say of you, “God picked His best”.

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