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Deal­ing with peck­ing birds

My lay­ers peck my legs ev­ery time I en­ter the chicken house. They also peck each other. How can I stop this be­hav­iour?

Vac­cines for calves Brian Qual­ity eggs from Kienyeji birds

What should I offer my Kienyeji chick­ens to get high qual­ity eggs? Does lay­ers mash re­duce the eggs qual­ity?


What vac­cines should I give my calves as they grow?


John Muchibi Ask. Be in­formed. Act.

My cow is not con­ceiv­ing

I have a cow which since last year Au­gust has not con­ceived de­spite be­ing served four times. It has since gone silent. I have used hor­mones but they did not work, and noth­ing seems wrong with it. Please help. Feed­ing cows mo­lasses Hilda

How should I feed my dairy cows and goats mo­lasses for higher yields?


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