Vari­able winds and calm seas but fish around

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Honey Lulu

Af­ter the heavy rain of a week ago, it has been dry and the winds are swing­ing around. This could be the be­gin­ning of the change in the mon­soon or is there more rain to come?

Lamu is still the hotspot for the sail­fish, and Nep­tune from Malindi has been on a six-day trip to the is­land, fish­ing off Manda Bay, with a to­tal of 25 sail­fish - good fish­ing .

This is what the sail­fish­ing at Malindi can be like at this time of year, but so far the sail have not put in an ap­pear­ance around that area, for un­known rea­sons. Fish are un­pre­dictable an­i­mals, al­though their feed is a pri­mary cause.

South of Mom­basa, at Diani, Shuwari has been rais­ing sail­fish, with a cou­ple caught by An­thony Cilia on one trip, while Se­bas­tian from Ger­many re­leased a very big sail, es­ti­mated at 45kg. We don’t see many sail­fish of that size these days. There are still yel­lowfin tuna around the area, but they are busy feed­ing on sar­dines and very dif­fi­cult to catch.

At Watamu, Al­l­ey­cat re­leased a nice black mar­lin es­ti­mated at 120kgs with an­gler Dar­ryl Rurka – they also had a cou­ple of wa­hoo and a nice yel­lowfin, and were kept busy with plenty of wa­hoo strikes!

These lat­ter fish, with their sav­age teeth, can prove very frus­trat­ing, with packs at­tack­ing and cut­ting up all the lines in a mass strike and the an­glers end­ing up with noth­ing on the end but dam­aged lures and man­gled baits!

Un­reel has had a few trips, with good catches of wa­hoo and yel­lowfin but the sail­fish that were around the Banks seem to have moved away and we wait now for the north mon­soon to blow firmly and bring in the bill­fish onto the Rips area. These deep wa­ter ledges lie about 16 nau­ti­cal miles out, com­ing up to 150 me­tres from the deep of 300 me­tres or more, and the cur­rents welling up cre­ate white wa­ter rips even on the calm days which con­cen­trates the bait and preda­tor fish.

Reg­u­lar an­glers from over­seas usu­ally ar­rive this month on­ward for the sail­fish run and then the main mar­lin sea­son af­ter Christ­mas, so lets hope we shall see more fish­ing ac­tiv­ity now.

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