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1.To cor­rect or set right

7.One’s brother’s or sis­ter’s daugh­ter

9.In the past

11.Killed vi­o­lently

12.An of­fi­cial sent to a for­eign city by a coun­try to pro­mote trade and look af­ter the in­ter­ests of its cit­i­zens

13.A cra­vat

14.A de­vice for chang­ing cir­cu­lar mo­tion into a straight­line one

16.To form as in mil­i­tary or­der or dis­play

17.Ex­pres­sions used by a par­tic­u­lar group of peo­ple

19.A small coarse floor cov­er­ing 20.A rent­ing con­tract

21.Hawks goods


11.To re­spond to a stim­u­lus

2.To make an ex­act copy of a plant or an­i­mal by de­vel­op­ing a cell ar­ti­fi­cially

3.Cov­ered as a pipe or wire with same non-con­duct­ing ma­te­rial 4.To oc­cupy com­pletely 5.An af­fir­ma­tive vote ( r )

6.A low-ly­ing marsh coun­try 8.Genus of a large in­sect with four mem­bra­nous wings and pro­duces a shrill rhyth­mic sound

10.En­large­ment of the thy­roid gland caus­ing a swelling in the neck’s front

14.“The ship of the desert” 15.Mea­sures

16.To sit for an artist

17.A long white linen vest­ment worn by priests

18.A hia­tus

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