Tame flood­ing men­ace

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Though we have, by the look of things, had some de­cent rains in the past sev­eral weeks, the story of our woe­ful han­dling of this nat­u­ral phe­nom­e­non con­tin­ues. In­deed, weather ex­perts have in re­cent years been quite ac­cu­rate in pre­dic­tions and warned be­fore the on­set of the rains that they would be heavy.

The re­cur­ring sto­ries of floods wreak­ing havoc must shame us all into seek­ing a last­ing so­lu­tion. With all the nu­mer­ous iron sheet roofs in towns, and even the ru­ral ar­eas, a lot of wa­ter is left to flow to waste. Farm­ers who had been wait­ing for the rains to plant their crops, iron­i­cally, find them­selves help­lessly trapped. Ideally, they should have cre­ated fur­rows and dams to tap the wa­ter and use it to boost pro­duc­tion.

Some ar­eas have seen crops washed away and roofs blown off houses. Many will be count­ing their losses as the rains sub­side. And the height of irony is that these peo­ple now wal­low­ing in the down­pours, will in the next few weeks ex­pe­ri­ence acute wa­ter short­ages. The au­thor­i­ties and the peo­ple must get a lit­tle smarter. We need poli­cies to boost rain wa­ter har­vest­ing. This should not be left to a few NGOS as we have tended to do. In this day and age, more in­ge­nious and tech­no­log­i­cal ways to pre­vent the floods men­ace in the coun­try must be pri­ori­tised. It’s a shame that the rains, which should be a bless­ing, are peren­ni­ally a curse. This must end.

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