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Mr Mad­owo, I read your ar­ti­cle on the Na­tional Hos­pi­tal In­sur­ance Fund (NHIF) and com­pletely agree with you. I had reg­is­tered with the fund but I with­drew last year since I felt it was rob­bing us of our hard-earned money. Be­sides, I don’t have a steady job, so I could not keep up with the monthly pay­ments. I’d like to know what logic did the fund use to in­crease the monthly in­stal­ments from Sh160 to Sh500, given that very many Kenyans are poor. When the monthly con­tri­bu­tion was Sh160, I could af­ford it, but when it was raised, I gave up. Kindly seek an­swers on be­half Kenyans as to why they raised the charges when they of­fer poor ser­vices.

Pius Ma­toke

Larry, I read your col­umn on how the NHIF got it wrong by lim­it­ing the num­ber of out­pa­tient vis­its to just four per year. You sounded up­set by that move but failed to read be­tween the lines to es­tab­lish the rea­son­ing be­hind it. The NHIF wanted to place more em­pha­sis on in­pa­tient cover, which usu­ally drains fam­i­lies fi­nan­cially. Out­pa­tient vis­its are nor­mally for acute ill­nesses such as di­ar­rhoea, stom­achache, colds, which most fam­i­lies can man­age, while the fund wishes to re­move the heavy bur­den of chronic ill­ness like di­a­betes, can­cer, etc, where the amount col­lected from the mem­bers might not be suf­fi­cient, hence the cap­ping.

Munene Muthee

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