A‘ bove and beyond’ means noth­ing


We are con­stantly mak­ing or re­ceiv­ing prom­ises. While we ex­pe­ri­ence ex­treme dis­ap­point­ment when some­one breaks their prom­ise, the op­po­site is not true. A study pub­lished in the So­cial Psy­cho­log­i­cal and Per­son­al­ity Sci­ence in­di­cates that there isn’t an in­crease in grat­i­tude or ap­pre­ci­a­tion when prom­ises are ex­ceeded, such as de­liv­er­ing ear­lier or more than stip­u­lated. In fact, the donor of the prom­ise doesn’t gain any points from the deed. Th­ese find­ings il­lus­trate the weight so­ci­ety puts on keep­ing a prom­ise just as it has

been de­fined. Tip: keep, don’t ex­ceed, your prom­ises.

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