Mus­cle will help you burn fat


Mus­cle is im­por­tant be­cause it helps in­crease the rate of metabolism. “By just do­ing car­dio, you burn calo­ries and fat, but it only hap­pens at the point of work­out. The mo­ment you stop, the body does not burn any more fat or calo­ries,” says Leon Weche, a fit­ness trainer and nu­tri­tion­ist at Tro­jan Health and Fit­ness Cen­tre. “Mus­cles re­quire food to be alive, so even if you are not eat­ing a lot of food, the body will use its adi­pose tis­sues to feed the mus­cles. Con­se­quently, you will con­tinue to burn calo­ries and fat even at rest after a weight train­ing ses­sion. This ef­fect, known as the after burn, en­sures you con­tinue burn­ing calo­ries even in your sleep,” he says.

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