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Cashews are es­pe­cially rich in iron and zinc. While iron helps the blood trans­port oxy­gen through­out the body, zinc boosts the im­mune sys­tem. Cashews are also high in mag­ne­sium- one ounce pro­vides al­most 25 per­cent of your daily need. Mag­ne­sium helps turn the food we eat into en­ergy, pro­motes cog­ni­tive health and also boosts bone health. Cashews also have protein, mag­ne­sium, potas­sium, Vi­ta­min B6, fo­late, Vi­ta­min E, and omega 3 fats. If you are look­ing for a slim­mer waist­line, you will love cashews; they have lower fat con­tent than most nuts. Ad­di­tion­ally, most of the fat they have is oleic acid (the heart healthy sub­stance also found in

olive oil).

SERV­ING: About 18 nuts = 165 calo­ries, 13 grams fat

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