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Re­searchers have lit­er­ally shed light on probable means of re­liev­ing mi­graine pain. Work­ing with 69 mi­graine pa­tients, they found that while headache pain was ex­ac­er­bated by blue light, low-in­ten­sity green light of a nar­row spec­trum con­densed light sen­si­tiv­ity. In some cases, it even re­duced mi­graine pain by 20 per cent. While there’s need for more re­search on the mat­ter, it could po­ten­tially aid 80 per cent of mi­graine pa­tients that have to iso­late them­selves in dark­ness dur­ing at­tacks to re­duce ex­ac­er­ba­tion by light sen­si­tiv­ity. The re­searchers hope that in fu­ture it can lead to the pro­duc­tion of cost-ef­fec­tive nar­row-band green light bulbs and sun­glasses that only al­low nar­row-band green light through.

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