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Do vir­tual thumbs up give you a rush? Or do your ig­nored posts leave you feel­ing a lit­tle gut­ted? A study by Cor­nell Univer­sity sug­gests that so­cial me­dia likes af­fect your emo­tions, and the lack of a true sense of pur­pose is to blame for the over-re­liance on likes for self-af­fir­ma­tion. They also dis­cov­ered peo­ple with a sense of pur­pose had higher self-es­teem de­spite the num­ber of likes they ac­tu­ally re­ceived on any given posts. In ad­di­tion, they end up get­ting more thumbs-ups than an in­di­vid­ual who re­lies on likes to feel good about them­selves. This is the first study that shows that a sense of pur­pose can not only blunt the emo­tional im­pact of neg­a­tive events, but also the pos­i­tive ones. You know, the ones that lead to an in­flated sense of con­fi­dence.

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