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I don’t know. I don’t have an idea of per­fect. I have an idea of hap­pi­ness which is those mo­ments when in my mind all is as it should be - noth­ing to change, noth­ing to fix.

WHAT’S YOUR BIG­GEST LIFE FEAR? Play­ing small. FAVOURITE MEAL? Some­thing in­volv­ing salad and nuts. WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE RE­LAX­ATION RIT­UAL? Med­i­tat­ing HOW DO YOU LIKE SPEND­ING TIME WITH YOUR KIDS? How­ever they want. DO YOU HAVE A VICE YOU WISH YOU COULD CHANGE? Over­valu­ing what other peo­ple think of me. GUILTY PLEA­SURE? Dark cho­co­late… then I also dis­cov­ered raw cho­co­late. LAST WORDS TO OUR READ­ERS?

Life hap­pens, and it doesn’t hap­pen against you or for you, it hap­pens and then you make it mean what you choose to make it mean. And if you choose lightly you find that there is wis­dom in that mo­ment and an ex­pe­ri­ence that has a po­ten­tial to turn you into some­one you could never have been had life not hap­pened. So if life is hap­pen­ing to you, re­lax and roll with the waves be­cause on the other side of the story is a hu­man be­ing that you have al­ways wanted to meet and that hu­man be­ing is you. http://re­neenga­ Many things. I learned at the time that I was stronger than I thought I was. I learned that it's okay to al­low for peo­ple to help you. I learned that life is in the now. I learned that a lot of the things that I con­sider im­por­tant be­cause they up­held other peo­ple's ideas of who I am, in­clud­ing ideas in my own head that I had cre­ated about what peo­ple think that I should be, are com­pletely ir­rel­e­vant. I learnt that the “worst” that could or has ever hap­pened in your life is usu­ally a ve­hi­cle for the great­est les­son that you will ever learn. You've got to pay at­ten­tion be­cause the hur­ri­cane of the mo­ment can make you miss the les­son. I've learnt that peo­ple come to you for a rea­son or a sea­son. Hon­our that but then let that soul go be­cause they have to go be with the next per­son. I've learned that noth­ing tastes as good as good health. I learned that the diet for the lit­tle black dress in De­cem­ber is a good idea, but that liv­ing in the body that you want to live in is even greater be­cause we're never go­ing to be able to trade bod­ies. I can change the place where I live, my car, my clothes but I can't change bod­ies. I get this one then I have to choose how I'm go­ing to live in it. I learned to love the body I live in and take care of it. I learned that ev­ery­one has a self, sin­gu­lar, unique, di­vine pur­pose for be­ing here.

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