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to los­ing weight, right? Or is it fol­low­ing a gluten-free diet? Wait… isn’t the Pa­leo diet the in-thing? What about 5:2 in­ter­mit­tent fast­ing diet? And oh… what about the 21day smoothie chal­lenge? So many di­ets and rules to fol­low! It's enough to make one’s head spin! How is a girl sup­posed to keep track of them all?

There’s a wealth of di­ets and di­etary rules out there, all of which prom­ise to whip your body into shape in a flash. Al­though diet plans will al­ways have a place in the world of health and weight loss, they come with their own pit­falls. For in­stance, imag­ine never eat­ing carbs af­ter 3:00 PM, or hav­ing to give up your favourite al­co­holic drink! The down­sides and the con­tra­dic­tory plans are enough to keep many peo­ple from try­ing to pur­sue the bod­ies of their dreams. To make mat­ters worse, most di­ets can make you feel de­prived which in­ten­si­fies crav­ings for the re­stricted foods.

If only there was a way to eat to your fill and still lose weight! Well, there is a way. For­get di­et­ing and eat whole un­pro­cessed foods through­out the day. If you feel like hav­ing a cock­tail at happy hour, go for it! If you crave ice-cream for dessert, have a tiny tub. Al­low your­self cheat meals a max­i­mum of twice a week. A cheat meal won’t make you un­healthy, just as one healthy meal

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