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in Novem­ber, spend­ing the hol­i­days with his or her fam­ily may not be a good idea. The two of you have not yet es­tab­lished enough rap­port with each other to go that route.

Also, putting your sig­nif­i­cant other un­der the glare of overly cu­ri­ous, nosy, and some­times fault-find­ing rel­a­tives will not do your re­la­tion­ship any won­ders ei­ther. Imag­ine him be­ing put on the hot seat field­ing un­com­fort­able ques­tions such as “When is the wed­ding?”, “How did you meet?” (you met on Tin­der), and the most dreaded “When are we go­ing to hear the pit­ter pat­ter of tiny lit­tle feet?” Cringe.

2. Con­sider each other’s in­ter­ests when mak­ing plans. You want to sun­bathe and watch the sun­set in the Mara but he wants a beach Christ­mas in south coast. Learn to find a mid­dle ground to keep both sides happy. How about split­ting your va­ca­tion so that half of it is spent wher­ever the other wants to go, and the re­main­ing half where the other fan­cies spend­ing it? It means more ex­penses, but hey, if you both think the other is worth it, why not go the ex­tra mile? 3. Pre­pare be­fore meet­ing

his fam­ily. Your boyfriend wants to bring you to meet his fam­ily dur­ing the hol­i­days. Now, be­fore you freak out, pat your­self on the back first be­cause this is def­i­nitely a good sign that he is se­ri­ous about you. Then the scary part: What will you wear? What if you run out of things to say? What if they don’t like you? Why did you even agree to this meet­ing in the first place?!

Dress sim­ply but el­e­gantly. Outfits with plung­ing neck­lines that ex­pose three-fourths of your breasts are a no-no. No gi­gan­tic dan­gling ear­rings that reach up to the armpit (okay, we ex­ag­ger­ate, but you get the drift). Your makeup should be a bit un­der­stated but still en­hances your best fea­tures.

Do some sleuthing about your boyfriend’s fam­ily ahead of the meet­ing. Fa­mil­iarise your­self with their names, work, hob­bies and in­ter­ests, etc. Imag­ine be­ing able to say to his beloved Aunt Meg, for in­stance: “Oh, your nephew speaks so highly of you! He says you’re the best cook in the fam­ily and that your ma­toke is to die for!” That’s brownie points.

Leonor Al­bino

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