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Chief Jus­tice Dr Willy Mu­tunga is an honourable per­son, there is no ar­gu­ment about that. He may have been a lit­tle re­strained when he took of­fice, per­haps un­der­stand­ably so, but lately he has proven to be as straight-shoot­ing as they come. This, and his un­re­lent­ing ef­forts to clean up the Ju­di­ciary, is the legacy that Kenyans will re­mem­ber him by. It irks me no end, and am sure I speak for those Kenyans whose pur­suit for jus­tice has been thwarted by bribery, when a Jus­tice of the Supreme Court, is ac­cused of tak­ing a bribe to in­flu­ence a case. Supreme Court Jus­tices have those ti­tles be­cause they are sup­posed to be the guardians of ev­ery­thing that is vir­tu­ous and sa­cred about our Con­sti­tu­tion. They are well re­mu­ner­ated so that the temp­ta­tion to take a bribe does not arise. Philip Tunoi (I re­frain from re­fer­ring to him as Jus­tice, for that would be an in­sult to the of­fice he holds, must be made to pay, and so should those who did the brib­ing.

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