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The World Bank has es­ti­mated that the coun­try’s eco­nomic growth is to rise in 2016. The year prior the elec­tions in Kenya has al­ways been good in terms of the econ­omy. As it is ev­i­dent ev­ery time the elec­tions are near, the econ­omy usu­ally grows at an in­creas­ing rate than nor­mal. The econ­omy al­ways thrives dur­ing the pe­ri­ods as some be­lieve the peo­ple in power try to cam­paign to the peo­ple show­ing good gov­er­nance so when it comes to Elec­tion Day they can de­pend on the peo­ple’s vote to stay in power. Re­gard­less, of the rea­son why the econ­omy rises be­fore elec­tion, it is wel­comed, as it is a plus for Kenyans as it brings in more busi­ness and price of com­modi­ties tends to re­duce. This gives peo­ple the op­por­tu­nity to be able to grow their busi­nesses and at the same time at­tracts more in­vestors. With politi­cians mostly be­ing the ones that gain as they in­crease their war chests for the elec­tions as well as pre­pare them­selves ad­e­quately for the out­come of the econ­omy af­ter the elec­tion which nor­mally re­duces in terms of growth.^

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