Uganda about ripe for a long over­due ‘rev­o­lu­tion’

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While Ugandans may ap­pear timid and docile, their re­sponse in the con­cluded elec­tion is telling. The un­ro­man­tic Mu­sev­eni has im­preg­nated Uganda, and the signs say he will not mid­wife the de­liv­ery when the time comes and gifts, and par­ents raised up chil­dren to hand over notes to the FDC flag bearer. Peas­ants gave their farm pro­duce; they were telling Mu­sev­eni that they are happy Uganda has con­ceived.

The high-hand­ed­ness of the po­lice and mil­i­tary against the op­po­si­tion can be clas­si­fied as the creepy morn­ing sick­ness that comes in the early stages of preg­nancy. Ugandans may ap­pear timid and docile as the govern­ment tries to hu­mil­i­ate Kiza Be­si­gye all over Kampala, but a preg­nancy takes nine months to ma­ture. I can bet Mt El­gon that Mu­sev­eni will not mid­wife this de­liv­ery when the de­liv­ery date comes.

It is good Mu­sev­eni re­alised this from the con­cluded elec­tions, so he thought a mis­car­riage of jus­tice will ex­tend to a mis­car­riage of the Ugan­dan preg­nancy. The po­lice kept Be­si­gye un­der house ar­rest un­til a four­teen-day win­dow to file an elec­tion pe­ti­tion elapsed. The Go For­ward can­di­date Amama Mbabazi whose can­di­da­ture was a non-starter man­aged to file a pe­ti­tion that won’t at­tract much at­ten­tion. The govern­ment thinks a pro­tracted court bat­tle with FDC might ex­pose their un­der­hand deals and in­crease dis­con­tent among Ugandans.

The prob­lem with Uganda

Once upon a time, the Na­tional Re­sis­tance Army marched to Kampala with a con­tin­gent of poorly dressed but armed to the heart rebel force. There was lit­tle re­sis­tance as the govern­ment forces had split up within Kampala, which made the NRA’S work eas­ier. Yow­eri Kaguta Mu­sev­eni, then a 42-year-old for­mer in­tel­li­gence of­fi­cer with a mous­tache, led the NRA and its po­lit­i­cal arm, the Na­tional Re­sis­tance Move­ment (NRM) to vic­tory.

The NRM High Com­mand, which was headed by Mu­sev­eni as The Chief of High

Ugan­dan can­di­date on the cam­paign trail.

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