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_____1______ upon a time, _____2_______thing called “tribe” mattered a_____3______deal.when All our_____4_____ ______5___ dependent on soils, rives and pastures,___6______ tribe helped you secure those____7______ resources for ‘your’ people. Your tribe____8_______you safe and kept you fed, so you were_____9____ to feel royal. Once we started to urbanise____10______ develop income streams away from the force of______11____, the hold of tribe started to weaken. Now skills and knowledge began to matter more_____12______.prowess with spears or shears.but___13_____, tribe remained a powerful adhesive: urban-dwellers____14____ together in tribal grouping even in the big city. Business folk trusted their own tribes folk more, and tended to trade______ 15______ themselves.

Choose the most correct words to complete the sentences

16. He doesn’t drink beer and

A. Even me I don’t drink it

B. Neither I do

C. Not me either

D. Neither do I

17. He had great ____________food and drink A. Capacity for

B. Capability with

C. Appetite for

D. Interest of

18. I don’t believe his story. I think he must have _____ A. Made it

B. Made it up

C. Made it over

D. Made it off

19. The gang of robbers ______________over a million shillings.

A. made up with

B. made up for

C. made away with

D. made up to

Select a word that correctly fills in the gap

20. Neither the driver nor the passengers ___________ _________ injured.

A. was B.were

C. has been D.were being

21. It was _________hot that we all removed sweaters. A.too B. so C. very D. really

22. The two girls shared the sweets___________ themselves.

A. between B. among C. to D. for

Choose the alternative that means the opposite 23. Some counties are very sparsely populated A. scarcely B. densely C. thinly D.closely

24. Nyama butchery sells tender meat A. sol B. dry C. tough D. tasty

25. Mr. Merio tells very interesting stories A. funny B. boring C. sad D. humorous

Read the following passage and then answer the questions which follow.

Now that the mammoth is extinct, the elephant is the largest of all living animals, and the strongest. It is a strange-looking animal with thick legs, huge sides and back, white tusks, and above all, its long nose called the trunk. The trunk is the elephant’s peculiar feature, and it puts it to various uses. It draws up water by its trunk and can squirt all over its body like a shower bath’; and with it, it picks leaves from trees and put them into its mouth. Elephants look very clumsy and heavy, and yet they can move very quickly when they like. Elephants are found in India and Africa. The African elephant differs in some points from the Indian being larger with longer tusks and bigger ears. In fact, the two are considered to be different species. In both countries, they live in herds in the jungle, and are natural shy animals that keep away from men. Elephants, with their great size and strength, are a fine advertisement for vegetarians for they live entirely on leaves of trees, grass, roots and bulbs.

The elephant is a very intelligent animal and its intelligence combined with its strength when tamed makes it very useful to man.

It has been trained to serve in various ways. Elephants can carry heavy loads; and they are used to draw heavy wagons and big guns that would require many horses. They are skillful; too in piling timber. The trained elephants will kneel down, lil a heavy log of wood with its trunks, carry it to the place where it is wanted and lay it exactly in position.

Elephants are also trained for tiger hunting. The huntsmen sit in the howdah on the back of the elephant which is driven and guided by the driver, called Mahout, whop squats on its neck. In this way, the hunters are carried through the thickest and at such a height that they can see and fire at the tiger when it is driven out.

26. According to the first sentence

A. The elephant has always been the largest animal. B. The mammoth, before extinction, was larger than an elephant

C. The elephant is the strangest of all living animals. D. The elephant is extinct

27. Which of the following qualities of the elephants is not mentioned in the passage?

A. Peculiar tail B.trunk

C. Huge flanks D.tiny eyes

28. Which part of the elephant has been said to be peculiar?

A. Tusks B.small tail

C. Trunk D.mouth

29. One of the following is not a use of the elephants trunk. Which one?

A. Drawing water

B. Squirting water all over its body

C. Chewing leaves

D. Picking leaves

30. Elephants

A. Are very clumsy and heavy

B. Are not as heavy or as clumsy as they seem C. Move slowly and haggardly

D. Like to move very quickly

31. The Indian elephant is different from the African elephant in that:

A. It is smaller

B. It is larger

C. The tusks are wider

D. The ears are drooping

32. One similarity between the Indian elephant and African elephant is that

A. They are of the same species

B. They are not vegetation

C. They have longer tusks and bigger ears

D. They live in the forest

33. In your opinion, what makes the elephant one of the most unique wild animals?

A. It can carry very heavy species

B. It can move very quickly when ambushed

C. It can be tames and made useful to man

D. It is used for advertisements on vegetation

34. One of the following is not a use of the elephant to man. Which one?

A. It can lil a heavy log of wood

B. It lies in the exact position you want it to

C. Helps in piling timber

D. Tags heavy wagons and big guns

35. The word ‘howdah’ has been underlined. It means:

A. Huntsmen

B. Driver

C. A seat

D. The neck

36. According to the last paragraph A. An elephant can carry more than one man

B. All the hunters sit at strategic positions

C. The elephant only walks on clearings due to its size

D. The driver fires at the tiger

37. A proverb than can be used to summarize the last paragraph is:

A. All is well that ends well

B. Where there is a will there is a way

C. All that glitters is not gold

D. Slow but sure wins the race

38. The most appropriate title for this passage it A. Hunting tigers

B. Importance of the elephants

C. The elephant

D. Hunting elephants

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow

Kisii County is well known for its hills and frequent thunderstorms.

One day Sato and Flo were on their way home aler a visit to their grandparents house, which was quite a long way from their home. When they set out, the sky was blue and clear except for few small puffy white clouds. But Sato, the elder, had seen a mass of dark heavy clouds on the horizon.

‘Come,’ he said to the sister. “We’d better move on. There’s a storm on the way”

‘’How do you know?” asked Flo. Sato silently pointed at the clouds,

They went as fast as they could but Flo was only ten and found it difficult to keep up. in any case, they had quite a distance to go. Sato knew that storms could strike very quickly and so he said, “We’ll have to find somewhere to shelter”.

“We can shelter under a tree,” Flo suggested

“No. there’s an abandoned hut near here. We’ll use that. Sheltering under this tree is dangerous.” “Why?”

“I’ll tell you later.”

The whole sky was full of threatening dark clouds. There were brilliant flashes of lighting that seemed to bounce from one hilltop to another. A short while aler the lighting, a tremendous crack of thunder would rend the air.

Running as fast as their legs would carry them, the two children made it to the abandoned hut just before the rain started to pour down in torrents. They went in and Sato closed the door.

“Sit in the middle of the room, away from doors and windows”

The two children sat there, listening to the storm raging before them and the rain beating down on the roof of the old hut. Fortunately, it turned out to be waterproof. Flo was scared of thunder though she tried hard not to show it.

“What is thunder?” she asked her brother during a lull in the storm.

“I’ll tell you when we get home. Come on, let’s get going. The storms over, though it’s still raining,” Sato said.

39. What does the passage not tell us about Kisii County?

A. It is hilly

B. Thunderstorms are common there

C. Hilltops are olen struck by lighting D. Many people are killed by lighting there each year 40.How did Sato know there was a storm on its way? A. his grandfather had warned him about it

B. he read the signs in the sky

C. he was intelligent enough to point it out

D. he knew because of his long experience

41. Sato says, “We’d better get a move on.” Which of the following could best replace these words from the passage without changing the meaning?

A. “Let’s make a movement.”

B. “Let’s begin to move.”

C. “Let’s hurry up.”

D. Let’s set ourselves in motion.”

42. Why did Sato not want to shelter under a tree? A. For reasons of safety

B. He didn’t want to get wet.

C. The passage tells us that there were no trees near where the boys were.

D. No reason is given for this decision

43. The boys found shelter in an “abandoned hut. Which of the following words could best replace the word abandoned.

A. Rejected

B. Ruined

C. Damaged

D. Uninhabited

44. “A tremendous crack of thunder………..” which words could best replace the word tremendous? A. loud B.gigantic

C. quite noisy D.quick

45. Which of the following statement is true about Sato?

A. he was a very childish boy

B. He was a qualified weather forecaster

C. He was tired of looking aler his little sister

D. He had a lot of common sense

46. Flo was afraid of thunder but tried not to show it. What does this tell us about her?

A. she was a coward

B. she didn’t understand the cause of thunder

C. she was brace for a little girl

D. she was more intelligent than her brother

47. According to the last paragraph,

A. Sato kept his promise

B. Flo would become more informed about storms once they got home

C. It was not training as they went home

D. The storm was not over but it was still raining

48. “What is thunder…….”flo asked her brother. This shows that she was,

A. A nuisance B.nosy

C. Inquisitive D.wise

49. A suitable proverb that summarizes the passage is;

A. Once bitten, twice shy

B. All that glitter is not gold

C. When it rains, it pours

D. Necessity is the mother of invention

50.The best title for this passage would be;

A. A thunderstorm

B. Rain and thunder

C. Out in the rain

D. Kisii County

COMPOSITION Complete the following story: I looked at him and a sense of deep hate filled me. I wanted ……………………………………

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