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Select the most correct word to fill in the blank spaces.

Many people have_ _ _ _1_ _ _ _ _ the_ _ _ _ _2_ _ _ _ _ _of African’s development to_ _ _ _ _ _3_ _ _ _ _ _ leadership.we_ _ _ _4_ _ _ _ _bad leadership for problems at work_ _ _ _5_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _in nations.ona day, I_ _ _ _ _6_ _ _ _ _ with a group of _ _ _ _7_ _ _ _ in an African country, and they were talking very passionately about_ _ _ _ _ _8_ _ _ _ _ _great the nation was. The only problem, they argued, was that the country suffered a_ _ _ _9_ _ _ _ _ of bad leadership.i could not_ _ _ _ _10_ _ _ _ _ _what I was hearing. Then_ _ _ _ _11_ _ _ _ _ _ thought crossed my mind. What if the problem had nothing to do_ _ _ _12_ _ _ _ _ leadership? Could we be victims_ _ _ _ _13_ _ _ _ bad fellowship and not bad leadership? It is interesting to note_ _ _ _ _14_ _ _ _ _ _ the legislation who was complaining about bad leadership were_ _ _ _ _15_ _ _ _ _ _ _in by some people.

Choose the correct word to complete these sentences

16. Over a thousand troops were _____________________inthebattle (A) Wounded (B) Injured (C) Hurt (D) Surrendered 17.Theoldwoman_____________________underthe heavy load. A) Sashayed B) Trudged C) Sauntered D) hobbled

18. Change to Indirect speech “I shall study French next year” he said A) He said that he shall study French the following Year B) He said that he should study French the following year C) He said that he would study French the following Year D) He said that he would study French the following year

19.Hetoldhimnotto_____________________ A) Pass the queue B)jump the queue C) Pass the line D)skip the queue

20.Hetravelled_____________________ A) By his uncle’s car B)AT his uncle’s car C) In his uncle’s car D)ON his uncle’s car

21. Choose the correctly punctuated sentence A) The fifty fifth man will be selected. B) The three boys are; Tom, Kim and alex. C) Two-sixty-year-old-men had collapsed. D) He was very happy; he had scored four hundred and thirty marks.

22. A)“paul” said the headmaster “is a hardworking boy.” B) “Paul,” said the headmaster, “is a hardworking boy.” C) Paul said, “The headmaster is a hardworking boy.” D) Paul said the headmaster “is a hardworking boy.” Complete correctly

23.All but Flocy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ present (A) are (B) is (C) has (D) was being

24.None of the books _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ good (A) Were being (B) are (C) is (D) has being Choose a word that means the same as the underlined.

25. The judge gave the verdict A) Sentence B)charge C) Ruling D)judgement

Read the passage and answer questions 26-38

Every election is on opportunity to reveal where we are mentally. Will election triumph over reason? Will short term excitement take the place of long term development and dignity? This will only happen if the electorate will permit mediocrity. This is applicable not only in the political sphere, but in every aspect of our lives. We cannot complain about what we permit. when we permit mediocrity in our thinking, it will show up in our living When we permit mediocrity in our thinking, for example, by leaving our mind to market forces and not consciously doing anything to use it. The mind you were born with is a gift from god. The mind you live with is your own doing. it is the product of your investment in it. Where the mind is concerned, nothing should be taken for granted. Your mind is always undergoing a programming process. That programming will either work for you or against you in time to come. We should remember that whatever we allow into our minds, we shall get its pay Therefore, why should one expect a fruitful mind when he or she has not engaged it in anything fruitful? in this all important election season, the electorate should remember that they will end up with the leadership they permit.

(26) All of the following can be affected during elections except one, which one is it? A. Good reasoning B. Great development C. Human dignity D. Short term excitement

(27) Mediocrity can mean all the following except A. Sarity B.stupidity C. Foolishness D.idiocy (28) From the passage, it is true to say that mediocrity impacts on: A. Our political lives only B. Our lives wholly C. Our social lives only D. Our opportunities only

(29) From the passage, it is true to say that mediocrity A. It affects our living B. It improves our thinking C. It permits our living D. It markets our forces

(30)An example of mediocrity as shown in paragraph three is. A. Permitting mediocrity in our thinking B. Not using our minds in a profitable manner. C. Leaving our minds to market forces D. Consciously doing something good

(31) The phrase show up as used in the passage means A. Appear B.control C. Direct D.infect

(32) ………… .nothing should be taken granted………means that A. Nothing should be considered important B. Everything should be considered unimportant C. Everything must be treated with care D. Some things should be taken as a grant

(33) From the fifth paragraph we learn that A. Our minds were programmed B. Our minds will be programmed in time to come C. Our minds are always being programmed D. We should allows our minds to be programmed (34)The effect of our thinking A. Can be felt

as we think B. Will be felt in future C. Has impact in our lives D. Bears positive results only

(35) The word ‘play’s used in the passage refers to A. Reward B.award C. Salary D.result

(36) For your mind to be fruitful you should A. Expect it to be fruitful B. Allows it not to be fruitful C. Do nothing about it D. Engage it in fruitful thoughts

(37) The word ‘electorate’ refers to A. Members of parliament B. People who conduct election C. People registered as voters D. The elections body of a country

(38) Which one of the following is the best title for the passage A. How our thinking affects our lives B. Important election season C. Mediocrities at its best D. Opportunities that elections bring

Read the following passage then answer questions 39 to 50

Remember how when we were children we would eat the queen cake and its wrapper? No? Really? It’s just me? Ok, remember how after you were done with your maziwa ya nyayo you would rip open the box and proceed to lick everything sticky left hanging on the pack walls? Oh come on, it could not have just me and my classmates. I see a few smiles and nods, so I will assume that I am normal. The first time you ate the queen cake – I am informed they are now referred to as cupcakes - and threw away the wrapper, you knew right there that you were grown, you were ready to pay taxes and move out of your mother’s house. Your parents could no longer whip you in public. It was a rite of passage for many, nay, all of us. It was tough the first time you drank yoghurt and did not rip the packaging open and proceeded to act as if you were raised by wolves. It was the hardest thing ever, you knew you were done with it as a normal person but the wolf in you wanted to ensure that you licked everything off. So you put it aside and just watched it chilling there, mocking you. You could tell it was yelling at you. “Go ahead, lick me if you are man enough Nyenyenyee ...” and there was nothing you could do about it. It never got easy until three years later when your mind did not bother to think of extra five drops inside. This was the same time you stopped believing in the three-second germ rule. You know the rule, you are busy enjoying something and then it breaks away and lands on the floor with a vengeance. You follow it down with the speed of light, grab it, blow on it, and throw it into your mouth. Yes, we all believe that germs also wait for three seconds before attacking any morsel that drops from your plate. They are there, just chilling, when this piece of mango drops and a siren goes off, and warning every germ to stay away from it for three seconds just in case some human really wanted to eat it. And what made us think you can blow germs away? If that was the case, then the makers of Dettol and Lifebuoy would not be spending millions educating children on the need to wash their hands. Just blow into your hand and your breath is like a hurricane off the coast of Florida; just wipes out an entire generation. But the whole growing up bit, the rite of passage and the like, only happened to us when out in public. We all have some habits that, if exposed to the world, would get us killed. I know some people with such revolting habits they would cause a pig to vomit. We all have this primitive nature inside all of us that breaks out when we are alone in the house. That three-second rule, forget it, if I was eating and it fell, guess, guess what, we are all eating it. Have a drop of yoghurt on your cheek, you will stretch your tongue until you get it and ingest it. We all have foods or snacks that we really enjoy when eating at home because when consumed primitive-style, there is nothing sweeter or better in the world. Look at how you eat a burger, pizza, ice cream when at home.be honest which one is the better setting? Having meat? Look at how strip a bone down to the marrow you even impress dogs when alone and look at how you just nibble on it in public. I am telling you people, we are all alike behind private doors. You could be watching TV when a piece of your pizza land on your arm and instead of using your fingers you, without warning, just find your mouth picking it up from your arm. Do not feel ashamed, we all do it. The worst offenders are drivers. Just look at how you consume food when driving and try to give me that ˝You are so primitive” look. There is nothing to be ashamed of; it is just what it is. 39. Why do you think the writer begins with a question ? A) To jog the readers memory B) To receive answers to disturbing questions C) To find out if he is the only one who used to eat wrappers D) He is soliloquizing 40. Eating queen cake wrappers and ripping open a milk pack is considered A) Amusing B)abnormal C) Absurd D)usual 41. What according to the passage is considered a rite of passage? A) Paying taxes B) Being grown C) Not being whipped in public D) Eating the queen cake wrapper. 42. The following are some of the primitive eating habits mentioned in the passage. Which one is not? A) Eating cupcake wrappers B) Licking yoghurt packaging C) Wolfing down food D) Causing a pig to vomit 43. The word ingest has been underlined. its synonym according to the passage could be ; A) Putin the mouth B)digest C) Chew D)bite 44. A word in the passage that is the opposite of gobble is A) Ingest B)nibble C) Consumed D)vomit 45. When does our primitive nature break out according to the passage? A) When we are lonely B) When we are solitary C) When we are not ashamed D) When we are driving 46. Which of the following is false according to the passage? A) Food tastes better when eaten primitive-style B) Drivers are most primitive people C) Everyone has a primitive habit D) Sometimes our primitive habits break out without releasing it 47. “If you could see yourself eat at the wheel you would never call me primitive” which of the following proverb can be used to stress this A) Every tide has its ebb B) Great minds think alike C) Habit is second nature D) Let not the pot call the pan black 48. “… you even impress dogs when alone …” which word could be used to describe you. A) Impressive B)amazing C) Avaricious D)austere 49. Which of these proverbs can be used to summarize this passage A) Every cloud has a silver lining B) Forbidden fruit tastes sweetest C) Where there is smoke there is fire D) Courtesy costs nothing 50. Which of the following would be the best title of the passage A) Primitive habits behind doors B) People behind closed doors C) Permittivity D) Eating habits


This is the beginning of a story. Complete it making it as interesting as possible.

As the yells echoed in all directions, everyone stared at the scene ……………………………………………………

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