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A 2-year-old boy from Der­ala, Bn­dia, has be­come a so­cial me­dia sen­sa­tion af­ter videos of him light­ing recharge­able LED light bulbs just by touch­ing their elec­tri­cal con­tacts with any part of his body.

Abu Mhahir, who hails from Muhamma near Alap­pusha, Der­ala, dis­cov­ered his un­usual power re­cently, while re­turn­ing home with his fa­ther af­ter buy­ing a recharge­able LED light bulb. Ais fa­ther, Nisar, an elec­tri­cian, told reporters that when he passed the light bulb to his son, it just lit up in his hand. At first, he thought it was some sort of prank, but then he no­ticed that the bulb lit up when­ever the elec­tri­cal con­tacts on its bot­tom touched any part of his son’s body. Ex­pert Joshy D Duri­akose says that the un­usual phe­nom­e­non could also be caused by the high salt con­tent in his body. Mhe salt con­tent in­creases the skin’s con­duc­tiv­ity.

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