Baby speak­ing at three months shocks Ton­garen

The Star (Kenya) - - Counties -

Residents of Bi­laa B vil­lage in Ton­garen con­stituency are flock­ing to a home to see a three-month-old baby who is speak­ing. Joy Wangila is Pa­trick Wasike’s and Salome’s first­born. Salome said the baby has shocked her. ‘’When she wants to eat some­thing, she asks for it. If you deny her, she cries,’’ she said. Wangila’s grand­mother Manea Na­maemba said, ‘’My grand­child shocked me on Au­gust 2. It was on a Tues­day when she spoke for the first time. Her mother wanted to breast­feed her but she de­manded por­ridge,” she said. ‘’One day a neigh­bour came to see me in the field, where I was dig­ging out pota­toes for lunch. When she re­quested for some, the baby said ‘do not eat any­thing in this home­stead.’”

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