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TALES of how wis­dom comes with age have been told for cen­turies. And although a man is not old un­til re­grets take the place of dreams, we risk the de­scrip­tion “there’s no fool like an old fool” when we fail to com­pre­hend and ac­cept that it is im­pos­si­ble to make old things new. Over the week­end, a senior mem­ber of a constitutional com­mis­sion was hos­pi­talised in Kisumu after de­vel­op­ing health com­pli­ca­tions while in a room with a young lady. Per­haps in his at­tempts to over­rule his age in or­der to ex­cite, the man, who is in his 70s, is claimed to have taken more than a dose be­fore los­ing con­scious­ness. The cries by the young lady were enough to at­tract the much-needed as­sis­tance for the old man. What Cor­ri­dors re­mains un­sure about is whether the lady ac­com­pa­nied the old man to Kisumu or was sourced lo­cally.

THE fact that Pres­i­dent Uhuru Keny­atta has put mem­bers of his ex­tended fam­ily clos­est to the JP cam­paign purse strings has un­set­tled many who made money dur­ing the last cam­paign. Cor­ri­dors has learnt that the Ju­bilee Party launch was ba­si­cally a fam­ily af­fair, from the brand­ing to mer­chan­dise such as T-shirts, leav­ing many “elec­tro­preneurs” in doubt about how to make money. Some are now look­ing for politi­cians likely to get the Ju­bilee ticket to see how to make quick cash.

A gov­er­nor in one of the North Rift coun­ties is said to have fallen out with his party boss after re­buff­ing his fi­nan­cial de­mands. Cor­ri­dors has it that the party boss had de­manded to be paid Sh1 mil­lion tax-free ev­ery month from the county books as a sign of good will for the po­si­tion the gov­er­nor holds. When the gov­er­nor queried his party boss on how the county books of ac­count would be rec­on­ciled, the man la­belled him ar­ro­gant and lack­ing re­spect. To make mat­ters more un­com­fort­able for the county chief, an MP from the area was iden­ti­fied and the task was sim­ple - to in­sult and ma­lign him. The MP, who has had a fair share of run-ins with the gov­er­nor, has since de­clared his in­ter­est in the gov­er­nor’s po­si­tion.

JUST what hap­pened to the Ford Kenya sec­re­tar­iat that was once lo­cated in Kile­leshwa? Well, Cor­ri­dors is told the party could not af­ford to pay rent and the owner threw the party out after months of de­fault. In the process of this evic­tion, it is said that a num­ber of doc­u­ments were lost and the few that were sal­vaged were stored in a chicken house be­long­ing to one of the of­fi­cials for months, un­til a new sec­re­tar­iat was ac­quired along Ngong Road.

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