We sug­ar­coat and glo­rify graft that robs and kills us

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The grav­ity of cor­rup­tion will sink in bet­ter when Kenyans un­der­stand that graft is very sim­i­lar to theft, rob­bery and con games. It is there­fore ab­surd that some Kenyans have cho­sen to glo­rify graft and to cel­e­brate the cor­rupt as if theft is a hon­or­able virtue or an achieve­ment of some sort. Among the ab­hor­rent things in African so­ci­ety to date in­clude theft, rob­bery and con­man­ship. We know thieves reap where they never sowed. The cor­rupt do ex­actly the same thing thieves do. When money bud­geted for health is mis­man­aged by the cor­rupt, vul­ner­a­ble Kenyans are robbed and sub­se­quently end up dy­ing due to poor health­care. When youths are robbed of their NYS cash, their fu­ture is neg­a­tively af­fected be­cause the op­por­tu­ni­ties they have to earn a liv­ing are ended. The cor­rupt are thieves and we must not sug­ar­coat their ac­tions. We must call them out and pun­ish them ac­cord­ing to the law.


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