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HE Se­na­tor from Baringo, Gideon Moi, is a politi­cian with a real dilemma. He has two choices that could greatly in­flu­ence the course of his po­lit­i­cal des­tiny. Should he join the Op­po­si­tion in the in­tended Su­per Al­liance to oust his old school­mate Uhuru Keny­atta, or should he eat hum­ble pie and sup­port his fa­ther’s po­lit­i­cal pro­tégé and thereby play sec­ond fid­dle to his bit­ter ri­val Wil­liam Ruto?

Ei­ther path would have far­reach­ing ram­i­fi­ca­tions for him. He risks an­noy­ing his fa­ther if he sup­ports Op­po­si­tion supremo Raila Odinga, but also risks po­lit­i­cal obliv­ion if he doesn’t.

His position is fur­ther com­pounded by the fact that his old friend-turned-foe Ruto pushed him away to claim po­lit­i­cal supremacy and in­her­ited the older Moi’s po­lit­i­cal dom­i­na­tion of the Rift Val­ley, which Gideon con­sid­ers prop­erly his.

The story reads like the bib­li­cal ac­count of Esau and Ja­cob the two ri­val grand­chil­dren of Abra­ham. It was Ja­cob (Ruto) who, by guile, usurped the right­ful in­her­i­tance of Esau (Moi) whom their fa­ther Isaac (Daniel Moi), had favoured to in­herit him. Gideon’s bit­ter­ness with Ruto pre­vents him from fully sup­port­ing this govern­ment.

If Raila Odinga wins the next elec­tion with­out Gideon’s in­put, he will owe Moi noth­ing and so may just frus­trate any fu­ture am­bi­tions of the Moi and Keny­atta fam­i­lies.

How­ever, to join the Op­po­si­tion and be a part of the drive to un­seat his old school­mate may not go down well with the for­mer Pres­i­dent. It would break his heart. If Raila gets in, he will likely en­sure that the names of Keny­atta and Moi, who were his fa­ther’s great­est tor­men­tors, never cross the lips of new gen­er­a­tions of Kenyans ex­cept as curses. Gideon will have dug his own grave.

Gideon finds him­self with­out a clear path to the Pres­i­dency if Ruto gets in through to 2032.

To run in­de­pen­dently next year would push him down po­lit­i­cally, par­tic­u­larly among the Kalen­jin. And should Raila beat Uhuru, the Kalen­jins won’t for­give him for be­ing the spoiler. To run in 2022, he may also serve as spoiler value while in 2032 he will no longer be rel­e­vant in the scheme of things.

When Ham­let asks his fa­mous ques­tion ‘to be or not to be’ per­haps Gideon should just con­tinue along the mid­dle path, even if for now it leads to nowhere. Oth­er­wise, as Ham­let says, he would “…bear the whips and scorns of time”.

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