Vera Sidika’s tell-all book to lift the lid on her exes, bleach­ing and plas­tic surgery

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Booty­li­cious Kenyan so­cialite Vera Sidika is said to be cur­rently work­ing on a tell-all book. Known for her flashy life­style, the queen of East Africa’s so­cialites will spill the beans in the book, from the names of all the men she has been linked to as well as her drama with ex-boyfriend Yommy John­son, who is based in Dubai.

Ac­cord­ing to Shaffie on his Rav­erend col­umn in the Star, Vera will also ex­plain why she light­ened her skin and en­larged her body parts, re­quests she used to get from her boyfriends, and who pays her bills, the prop­er­ties she owns and of course, her fam­ily.

Re­cently, in a Snapchat rant, Vera went in on her ex-boyfriend, claim­ing he was a scam artiste.

“You strug­gle to live in Burj Khal­ifa so peo­ple can as­sume you are rich, yet you are strug­gling. Then use “I live in Burj Khal­ifa” so that you can scam women be­cause they al­ready be­lieve you are rich. You ask them for money so that you can re­fund. You claim you gave me 5k but sleep on a 30 dol­lar couch. Why are you ly­ing? Did you tell them that you bor­rowed me money?”

She went ahead to re­veal that Yommy’s Por­she wasn’t his but was ac­tu­ally reg­is­tered un­der the name of a dif­fer­ent woman who used to visit Yommy in jail, where he was in­car­cer­ated for fraud­u­lent ac­tiv­i­ties.

“This man is bit­ter be­cause he couldn’t use me for fraud,” Vera wrote. “He tried but I put him on blast and de­clined every damn thing he said.”

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