Right­eous­ness as The Char­ac­ter and the Pur­poses of the Lord

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In Isa­iah 46: 12, 13, “right­eous­ness” (‘ytiq'd>ci) re­fer to the

“My.” It is “the char­ac­ter and pur­poses of the Lord, all that ac­cords with his will, char­ac­ter and pur­poses, ev­ery­thing that is ‘right with God’. His prom­ises and his cease­lessly good pur­pose for his peo­ple too.”35

Sim­i­larly in Isa­iah 59:17, “Right­eous­ness” (‘hq'd'c.) refers to

“breast­plate.” “Cloth­ing is al­ways a metaphor for char­ac­ter, com­mit­ment and in­duce­ment for the task.”36

Fur­ther Mo­tyer men­tioned jus­tice and what is right/right­eous­ness point re­spec­tively to the Lord’s law (what he has ‘judged’ to be right) and the Lord’s char­ac­ter (his right­eous per­son).37

E.G. White said, “the law re­quires right­eous­ness, a right­eous life, a per­fect char­ac­ter;”38 for this rea­son Christ, com­ing to the earth as man, lived a holy life, and de­vel­oped a per­fect char­ac­ter.

In Isa­iah 51:5, there are two kinds of “right­eous­ness” (qd,c,). “On the hu­man side, right­eous­ness, con­form­ity with the char­ac­ter and claims of God, is the mark of the true peo­ple. On the di­vine side, right­eous­ness is the qual­ity of all that the Lord does, whether for his peo­ple or his ser­vant, or what the ser­vant does.”39

In Isa­iah 51:1, “right­eous­ness” (qd,c,), here, those whose lives are

char­ac­ter­ized by pur­su­ing right­eous­ness and seek­ing the Lord. It is sim­i­lar to purs­ing

God. But in Isa­iah 60:17, “Right­eous­ness” (hq")d'c.) is that which matches God’s own right­eous char­ac­ter.40

Again in Isa­iah 42:21, “right­eous­ness” (qd,c,) re­fer to “His.” Right­eous­ness is “what ful­fils his right­eous pur­poses and his right­eous char­ac­ter, it is the Lord act­ing for rea­sons which make sense within the di­vine na­ture.”41

Sim­i­lar in Isa­iah 59:16, “right­eous­ness” (^q,êd>ci) refers to “His.” “The right­eous­ness of the Lord here is his change­lessly right­eous char­ac­ter whereby he must be true to what he is and faith­ful to what he has pledged.”42

Right­eous­ness was high­lighted as of God, as it is God’s char­ac­ter. Isa­iah por­trays hu­mans to look at God’s char­ac­ters as a sam­ple of hu­man moral or norm.

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