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Chris­tians are not sup­ported to lie, it said, “do not lie” in (Col 3:9). There was sev­eral time men­tioned about “do not lie” in the Chris­tian ethics. Other word, Chris­tian should speak the truth and do the truth. The truth is part of free­dom sim­i­lar to the truth is part of right­eous­ness.

Truth is in­ter­re­lated with right­eous­ness. In Isa­iah 45:23, “Right­eous­ness” (hq")d'c.) is the truth. Mo­tyer said, “in all in­tegrity is in right­eous­ness.” “Since no prepo­si­tion is ex­pressed in the He­brew, here, right­eous­ness could be the sub­ject of the sen­tence, in ap­po­si­tion to word. It would then mean an ab­so­lute truth (verse 19). It is prob­a­bly best, how­ever, to take the noun ad­ver­bially as a word in­vested with all the Lord’s right­eous char­ac­ter.”51

Ac­cord­ing to E. G. White, “the truth is the word of God, faith and right­eous­ness, and the hope of sal­va­tion, must be the ar­mor of the suc­cess­ful war­rior,

and his eyes must be anointed to be keen and sen­si­tive to de­tect the de­vices of the en­emy.”52

More­over, in Isa­iah 45:19, “Right­eous­ness” (qd,c,) as “the Lord, the Lord’s word is not shift­ing sand but solid ground.” “He speaks truth/right­eous­ness and what is right/plain/straight­for­ward things.”53 God wants the truth and He speaks the truth. Sim­i­larly, the Chris­tian be­liever should speak the truth.

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