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Chris­tian free­dom is “a char­ac­ter­is­tic of joy” (Col 1:11), Paul sug­gest to be pa­tience and joy­ful. The re­la­tion­ship with fel­low friends, par­ents, within fam­ily mem­bers, and other. Here, Paul warn­ing the par­ent in re­la­tion­ship with the child, to be “fa­ther no em­bit­ten to chil­dren” (Col 3:21). The Chris­tian should cre­ate a joy­ful at­mos­phere at home and com­mu­nity.

In the free­dom land, “your days of sor­row will end” Isa 60:19-20. Ac­cord­ing to E. G. White, "the wilder­ness and the soli­tary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall re­joice, and blos­som as the rose."48 Ac­tu­ally, free­dom is a pos­i­tive way of hap­pi­ness of liv­ing by fel­low­ship with God.

Truly joy can come af­ter right­eous­ness. In Isa­iah 64:5, “right­eous­ness” (qd,c,) is re­flec­tion of joy. “The par­tici­ples in those who gladly do right one

who is re­joic­ing and do­ing right­eous­ness ex­press an abid­ing state. The verbs,

ex­pressed sep­a­rately, give weight to each, i.e. one whose joy it is to con­tinue in right­eous­ness and who, con­tin­u­ing in right­eous­ness, finds joy.”49

Free­dom was a supernatural bless­ing, God’s gra­cious gift to his own peo­ple. And free­dom is “the pos­i­tive hap­pi­ness of liv­ing in fel­low­ship with God.”50

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