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For­give­ness is part of Chris­tian free­dom. Be­cause God likes for­give­ness as men­tioned in the Bi­ble. One of Chris­tian’s good char­ac­ter­is­tic is for­give­ness, in (Col 3:13) “for­give what­ever griev­ances you may have against one another.” Even Chris­tians are strongly en­cour­aged to for­give your en­emy. It is one of the great­est ethics in hu­man be­ing. Since Chris­tians are the be­liever of Bi­ble we need to do it as part of our faith.

The Bi­ble sug­gests that to for­give any­body even who are against you, “if you do not for­give oth­ers, your fa­ther will not for­give you fail­ings ei­ther” Matt 6:15. Even, we are asked to for­give whom was owe to you, “the debt-can­cel­la­tion para­ble in Matt 18:35.”54

Di­vine for­give­ness is sim­ply free grace, Eph 1:7.55 In another word, it is im­pos­si­ble for hu­man to get free­dom, but by God’s ul­ti­mate for­give­ness to hu­man’s short­com­ings. “For­give­ness is a di­vine pre­rog­a­tive; only God can fi­nally for­give,” Mat 9:2-6; Mk. 2:5-10; Lk 5:20; Luke 7:49; John 20:23.56

The Chris­tian for­give­ness is un­like non-Chris­tian, Henry Stob said, “the will­ing­ness to for­give does not in­volve treat­ing the orig­i­nal of­fense and the re­sult­ing in­jury as though they never hap­pened or were unim­por­tant.”57 “Be­cause we take a “cross” upon us. How­ever, we must know the blas­phemy against the Spirit will not be for­given” Mt 12:31, 32; Mk 2:28,29; Lk 12:10.

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