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Golf is a tar­get game. But when you start learn­ing to play golf, you need to dis­cover first how to hit your ball far to your max­i­mum. Once you find out ways to hit your ball long to your sat­is­fac­tion, you can fine-tune your swing later to im­prove your ac­cu­racy. Huge tee shots are a great ad­van­tage over your com­peti­tors. In­creas­ing your dis­tance is no easy feat. Try out sev­eral tips here to help you hit your ball far­ther. You will en­joy longer, more ac­cu­rate shots with less ef­fort.

Un­hinge your right wrist at the start of down­swing

To cre­ate more power, you need to stop throw­ing your club out and away from your body as you be­gin your down­swing. Throw­ing your club out­side causes a steep chop­ping-down mo­tion, in­flict­ing weak slices and re­volt­ing pulls. Typ­i­cally, you will throw your club out­side the tar­get line if you un­hinge your wrists abruptly as you start your down­swing.

Still, to cre­ate max­i­mum power, you need to un­hinge your right wrist gen­tly as you swing your club down. Un­less you throw your club- head out­side your tar­get line, throw­ing your club­head by un­hing­ing your wrists will guar­an­tee longer dis­tance.

They of­ten dis­cuss “throw­ing the club from the top” as a swing er­ror. But to cre­ate ex­tra power, you need to start your down­swing by gen­tly throw­ing your club­head. Or rather, you need to un­hinge your wrists early on the down­swing. Done prop­erly, your arms and hands will speed up to your max­i­mum. Put dif­fer­ently, your power and speed will build so your swing speed peaks through the shot.

Once you’ve un­hinged your right wrist or thrown your club­head, fling your club­head with your hands and arms through the shot. Im­por­tant here is to let your right hand and arm make a bee­line for your ball. This en­sures you slot your club into the cor­rect down­swing path.

Or, let your club­head pass your hands as you hit your ball. This way you will strike your ball just like crack­ing a whip, send­ing your ball way long. Your right foot will re­main planted on the turf, your chest fac­ing your ball when your club meets the ball.

Or, just cre­ate the swoosh sound.

Clear your right hip

To avoid a steep glanc­ing blow, you need to feel your right el­bow mov­ing straight down from the top. Crit­i­cally, you need to rid or clear your right hip through im­pact. That way you will prop­erly swing your driver into the ball on a shal­low, sweep­ing an­gle. Or rather, you will whack your ball full tilt from inside the tar­get line, hit­ting long, straight shots or soft draws.

Turn your body fully

Turn your body fully as you com­plete your back­swing so your back faces the tar­get. Stay clear of sim­ply lift­ing your arms and hands. Make sure your left shoul­der is di­rectly un­der your chin. To this end, you’d bet­ter start your back swing with your left shoul­der, not your hands or arms.

You need to be aware that your golf club should move in a cir­cle rather than a straight line. You play golf stand­ing to the side of the tar­get line. Put dif­fer­ently, you need to hit your ball from be­hind like sweep­ing au­tumn leaves. You need to avoid hit­ting from above like split­ting logs. This means you need to turn in­stead of just lift­ing your arms and hands. The more you turn your body, the more your power will in­crease. Al­ways ap­ply your mind to turning your body, not lift­ing your club.

Avoid open­ing or clos­ing the club­face on the back­swing

You need to keep your club over your right shoul­der and par­al­lel to the tar­get line as you com­plete your back­swing. Also, you need to make sure your club­face re­mains square. Or, you need to let your club­face and left fore­arm match. Im­por­tantly, you need to pre­serve your left-wrist an­gle cre­ated at ad­dress. Feel your club­face look­ing at your ball at the top of your back­swing.

That says you did not wrongly open or close your club­face dur­ing your back­swing. That way you can hit your ball full tilt without ad­just­ing your swing. Com­pen­sat­ing for faulty moves you’ve com­mit­ted dur­ing the back­swing pre­vents you from mus­ter­ing and unleashing your full power when you hit.

Don’t let swing thoughts clut­ter your mind

When you hit your balls in a row on the range, you can send your ball far to your sat­is­fac­tion. You are swing­ing freely without wor­ry­ing about way­ward shots. That is, you don’t re­act to those ob­sta­cles you see when you play for real. Crit­i­cally, you shouldn’t have me­chan­i­cal swing thoughts in your head.

Purg­ing your mind of me­chan­i­cal thoughts en­cour­ages you to hit your ball full tilt. You can in­crease your swing speed to your max­i­mum.

Don’t let your swing thoughts clut­ter your mind. Avoid ob­sess­ing over var­i­ous swing keys. Too many swing thoughts in your head pre­vent your body from work­ing prop­erly. Stay reck­less and just swing your club. That’s what you need to do when you want to cre­ate more power.

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