Can you tell me specif­i­cally what hap­pened?


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JOE: She’s the one who in­tro­duced me to Fa­ther Shan­ley. He was a street priest. Long hair. Very hip. He invited me to his apart­ment in Back Bay.

조: 그분이 섄리 신부님을 소개해주셨어요. 길거리에서 사역하는 분이라 머리도 길고 멋있으셨죠. 신부님이 백베이에 있는 아파트로절초대하셨어요.

SACHA: Where in Back Bay?

SACHA: Ah, no. I grew up in Ohio but my mother was from Southie.

사샤: 아. 아니요. 전오하이오에서자랐고저희엄마가사우스보스턴출신이에요.

JOE: Okay, so you get it. (chuck­les) I’d never even seen Back Bay.

조: 그래서잘 아시는군요. (웃으며) 전그때처음백베이를구경했어요.

SACHA: So what hap­pened on that first visit, Joe? 사샤: 그래서 처음 간 날 무슨 일이 있었죠?

Joe con­tin­ues his story, ner­vously.조가긴장한채다시과거 이야기를 이어간다.

JOE: Well, he was very nice at first, very funny, very ca­sual. And I think he could tell I was gay so he showed me this mo­bile he had like over a baby’s crib?

조: 처음엔아주 친절하셨어요. 농담도하고 편하게 대해주셨죠. 제가 동성애자인 걸눈치채셨던것 같아요. 아기요람위에거는모빌같은걸보여주셨거든요.

SACHA: Uh huh.사샤: 네.

JOE: But with dif­fer­ent words. Ho­mo­sex­ual, trans­sex­ual, bi­sex­ual.

조: 그런데좀다른 모빌이었어요. 동성애자, 성전환자,양성애자같은거였죠.

SACHA: Okay, and did you know you were gay at that time, Joe?

사샤: 그때조는자신이동성애자인걸알았나요?

JOE: (laughs heartily) Yeah. But that wasn’t in­for­ma­tion I was shar­ing with any­body. Not in Dorch­ester.

조: (쾌활하게 웃으며) 네. 하지만 아무한테도 털어놓지는 않았어요. 도체스터에서는어림없는일이죠.

SACHA: (nods) Okay. (turning a note page) So, what hap­pened af­ter he showed you the mo­bile?

사샤: (고개를 끄덕이고) 알았어요. (수첩을 한 장 넘기며) 그래서 모빌을 보여준 다음엔어떻게됐죠?

JOE: Well, I was a little freaked out. (smiles shame­fully) I think he could tell... so he said, you know it’ll help is if we play strip poker. Course I lost. And, uh, things went on from there…

조:전조금흥분한상태였어요. (무안한듯잠깐 웃는다.) 정체를들킨것 같았으니까요.신부님은스트립포커를치는게도움이될거라고 하셨어요. 물론제가 졌어요. (고개를숙이며)그리고그때부터일이시작됐죠.

SACHA: Can you tell me specif­i­cally what hap­pened?


JOE: Specif­i­cally he-- he me.

조: (머뭇거리다가) 구체적으로 말하자면…절성추행했어요.


Sacha nods as if she un­der­stands his com­pli­cated minds.

말하기 힘든 마음을 이해한다는 듯 사샤가고개를끄덕인다. ■ jot down 메모하다 (= to write down) ■ hip 멋있는, 히피의, 진보적인 (= do­ing things or done ac­cord­ing to the latest fashion)

■ freak out (마약 등으로 인해) 흥분하다,자제력을 잃다

■ mo­lest (특히 아동을) 성추행하다 (= to at­tack or harm some­one, es­pe­cially a child, by touch­ing them in a sex­ual way or by try­ing to have sex with them)

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