The king’s res­i­dence왕의거주공간

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Hee­jeong­dang was the king’s sleep­ing quar­ters.


This is the place where the king slept, read, took his meals, and met with his peo­ple per­son­ally.

침전은 왕이 잠을 자고, 책을 읽고, 밥을 먹고, 개인적으로 사람들을 만나던 곳이지요.

This build­ing was also used as the king’s of­fice.

이 곳은 또한 왕의 집무실로 사용되었지요.

Orig­i­nally Seon­jeong­jen was the king’s of­fice.

원래는 선정전이 왕의 집무실이었습니다.

How­ever, it was too small and some­times was used for fu­ner­als.

하지만 너무 작았고, 심지어 장례 용도로사용되기도했어요.

The orig­i­nal build­ing, Hee­jeong­dang burned down in 1917.

원래의희정당은 1917년에 불에타없어졌어요.

It was re­built with the ma­te­rial from Gangnyeong­jeon which was dis­man­tled from Gyeong­bok­gung Palace in 1920.

그후희정당은 1920년에 경복궁의강녕전을 해체하여 이 곳으로 옮겨 지었답 니다.

Isn’t it in­ter­est­ing how one build­ing can be moved from one lo­ca­tion to an­other?


This is one of the char­ac­ter­is­tics of tra­di­tional Korean build­ings known as “Hanok.”

이것이 전통 건물인‘한옥’의 특징 중하나이지요.

This build­ing has a mix­ture of tra­di­tional and west­ern­ized fea­tures.


There is even an en­trance for the king’s car.


Hee­jeong­dang’s en­trance is very unique. It has a round en­trance for the car.

희정당의 입구는 매우 독특한데, 차를위해입구를둥글게만들었어요.

There is a cafe in front of this build­ing.

이 건물 앞에는 카페로 쓰이는 건물이있어요.

Orig­i­nally, it was a place where high of­fi­cials met be­fore they met the king.


Later, it was used as a garage for Sun­jong’s car, the last king.


His car was a custom-built Cadil­lac by Gen­eral Mo­tors im­ported from the USA.



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