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Name with­held Un­der Kuwait Labour Law, preg­nancy should not form a ba­sis to be dis­missed from one’s job or to suf­fer job in­se­cu­rity, hav­ing said the pre­ced­ing, we must point out that in spite of the Labour Law not ev­ery em­ployer or even em­ployee will want to go by the let­ter and spirit of the pro­vi­sions of the law. The re­al­iza­tion that func­tional breaches might at work places has given use to the in­sti­tu­tion of mech­a­nism to ad­dress these breaches when they oc­cur.

An­swer­ing your ques­tion di­rectly, your com­pany can­not ter­mi­nate your ap­point­ment when you be­come preg­nant, but if they do, you can take them on as the law is on your side. Luck­ily for your job de­scrip­tion is not just limited to the treat­ments that you give. And hence, in the event of you be­com­ing preg­nant you can ap­ply to be put on other sched­ules that will not re­quire you to han­dle ma­chines with ra­dio fre­quency (RF)

Three months means three months, noth­ing more noth­ing less. This means that if you be­gin your no­tice pe­riod on Sept 1, you will work upto Nov 30. Within this pe­riod you will con­tinue to en­joy the off­days as usual and these will be counted as part of the notification pe­riod.

which is valid upto Sept 14, af­ter Sept 14, I want to ex­tend it by one month, is it pos­si­ble or not due to the new rule. Please re­ply me early as pos­si­ble.

Name with­held Yes, it is true that the du­ra­tion of all kinds of visit visas has been fixed at one month with­out the pos­si­bil­ity of ex­ten­sion ex­cept on med­i­cal grounds where a two-week ex­ten­sion can be granted un­der the old sys­tem where you had the 3-month visit visa for your wife, there was no win­dow for ex­ten­sion so just pre­pare your wife to leave Kuwait on or be­fore Septem­ber 14 as no ex­ten­sion will be granted.


I wish to go to Kuwait un­der visit visa as my hus­band is work­ing there. We al­ready took air ticket for 3 months, but un­ex­pect­edly the rule changed that, visit visa will be is­sued for 1 month only from Aug 5, 2018. I would like to know if there is any chance for can­celling this rule of one month validity? This un­ex­pected change has put us in a de­pressed state as we ex­pected too much and also booked for the ticket.

Name with­held

An­swer: Un­for­tu­nately, we are not in po­si­tion to look at the crys­tal ball to de­ter­mine if there is a chance to can­cel the rule or main­tain it. For now all that we can say is that you re­spect the rule and if you are still de­ter­mined to come, then you have to make the nec­es­sary ad­just­ments to your book­ings.

I would like to know if I can get visit visa for my wife’s mother

My wife is in Kuwait as de­pen­dent more than 5 years My salary is 250 My wife mother age is 63 years

Name with­held

We are sorry but you can­not bring your mother in-law on a visit be­cause you need a monthly salary of KD 300 or more to be able to in­vite some­one other than your im­me­di­ate fam­ily (wife and chil­dren).

I have read in Arab Times that visit visa in Kuwait can­not be ex­tended af­ter one month. Could you please give a clar­i­fi­ca­tion in this?

1. I took visa on July 5, 2018 and my fam­ily reached here on July 16, 2018 on visit visa.

2. How long they can stay here in Kuwait?

3. Is it pos­si­ble to ex­tend af­ter 3 months?

Name with­held To the best of our knowl­edge, since your fam­ily was al­ready in Kuwait be­fore the new rule was in­tro­duced we think, they will not be af­fected by it and hence can stay for 3 months. To be on the safer side, how­ever, we sug­gest you ap­proach the im­mi­gra­tion de­part­ment in your area to seek more guid­ance.

On the is­sue of ex­tend­ing the visa af­ter 3 months this we can say with­out any equiv­o­ca­tion, that this will not hap­pen un­der current con­di­tions.

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