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An in­tri­cate net­work suggest­ing some­thing that was formed by weav­ing or in­ter­weav­ing. Low stin­g­less net­tle of Cen­tral and South Amer­ica hav­ing vel­vety brown­ish-green toothed leaves and clus­ters of small green flow­ers. 12. In­quire about. 15. A fed­eral agency es­tab­lished to co­or­di­nate pro­grams aimed at re­duc­ing pol­lu­tion and pro­tect­ing the en­vi­ron­ment. 16. Lack­ing go­nads. 17. Air­craft land­ing in bad weather in which the pi­lot is talked down by ground con­trol us­ing pre­ci­sion ap­proach radar. 18. A piece of fur­ni­ture that pro­vides a place

to sleep. 19. A re­gion of cen­tral Spain. 20. Thigh of a hog (usu­ally smoked). 21. An area of sand slop­ing down to the

wa­ter of a sea or lake. 23. In­fec­tions of the skin or nails caused by fungi and ap­pear­ing as itch­ing cir­cu­lar patches. 25. A car­di­nal num­ber rep­re­sented as 1 fol­lowed by 100 ze­ros (ten raised to the power of a hun­dred). 27. Noc­tur­nal mouse­like mam­mal with fore­limbs mod­i­fied to form mem­bra­nous wings and anatom­i­cal adap­ta­tions for echolo­ca­tion by which they nav­i­gate. 29. A port and fash­ion­able re­sort city on

southern Mex­ico's Pa­cific coast. 35. An in­tensely ra­dioac­tive metal­lic el­e­ment that oc­curs in minute amounts in ura­nium ores. 36. The United Na­tions agency con­cerned

with the in­ter­ests of la­bor. 37. A unit of force equal to the force ex­erted

by grav­ity. 38. Fear re­sult­ing from the aware­ness of dan­ger. 39. The doc­trine or be­lief that there is no God. 42. Fish-eat­ing bird of warm in­land wa­ters hav­ing a long flex­i­ble neck and slen­der sharp-pointed bill. 43. A small ball with a hole through the mid­dle. 44. A re­gion of Malaysia in north­east­ern

Bor­neo. 47. A mem­ber of western Fin­nish peo­ple for­merly liv­ing in the Baltic prov­ince where Saint Peters­burg was built. 48. An­tibac­te­rial drug (trade name Ny­drazid) used to treat tu­ber­cu­lo­sis. (Is­lam) The man who leads prayers in a mosque. 51. Used of a sin­gle unit or thing. 52. Of or re­lat­ing to a can­ton. 55. Thick­en­ing of tis­sue in the mo­tor tracts of the lat­eral col­umns and an­te­rior horns of the spinal cord. (as­tron­omy) A mea­sure of time de­fined by Earth's or­bital mo­tion. 59. A loose sleeve­less outer gar­ment made

from aba cloth. 62. Type genus of the Sal­monidae. 67. Small ter­res­trial lizard of warm re­gions of

the Old World. 70. A mil­i­tary trainee (as at a mil­i­tary acad­emy). 71. United States physi­cist who iso­lated the elec­tron and mea­sured its charge (18681953). 73. The in­ner and longer of the two bones of

the hu­man fore­arm. 76. Clean or or­derly. 77. A train­ing pro­gram to pre­pare col­lege stu­dents to be com­mis­sioned of­fi­cers. 78. A nar­row zigzag rib­bon used as trim­ming. 79. A river in north cen­tral Switzer­land that

runs north­east into the Rhine.




4. 5.




English writer and a cen­tral mem­ber of the Fabian So­ci­ety (1858-1943). A fenc­ing sword sim­i­lar to a foil but with a heav­ier blade. A mem­ber of an agri­cul­tural peo­ple of southern In­dia. Small East In­dian shrubby mint. Ti­tle for a civil or mil­i­tary leader (es­pe­cially in Tur­key). Found in moist places as rounded jel­ly­like colonies. The num­ber of which a given num­ber is the log­a­rithm. 8. Most im­por­tant el­e­ment. 9. Not in ac­tion or at work. 10. West In­dian tree hav­ing racemes of fra­grant white flow­ers and yield­ing a durable tim­ber and resinous juice. 11. A flat wing-shaped process or wing­like

part of an or­gan­ism. 12. Ti­tle for a civil or mil­i­tary leader (es­pe­cially

in Tur­key). 13. Some­one who works (or pro­vides work­ers) dur­ing a strike. 14. God of love and erotic de­sire. 22. De­rived by copy­ing some­thing else. 24. Rus­sian Soviet leader. 26. Blood-suck­ing African fly. 28. A genus of In­dri­idae. 30. A chain of con­nected ideas or pas­sages or ob­jects so ar­ranged that each mem­ber is closely re­lated to the pre­ced­ing and fol­low­ing mem­bers (es­pe­cially a se­ries of pa­tris­tic com­ments elu­ci­dat­ing Chris­tian dogma). 31. Not only so, but. 32. A large heavy knife used in Cen­tral and South Amer­ica as a weapon or for cut­ting veg­e­ta­tion. 33. Lus­trous gray. 34. A hos­tel for pil­grims in Tur­key. 40. Ger­man chemist who was co-dis­cov­erer with Lise Meit­ner of nu­clear fis­sion (18791968). 41. In­for­mal terms for a mother. 45. (Norse mythol­ogy) God of light and peace and noted for his beauty and sweet na­ture. 46. Be­fore noon. 50. A com­part­ment in front of a mo­tor ve­hi­cle where driver sits. 53. An al­loy of cop­per and zinc (and some­times ar­senic) used to im­i­tate gold in cheap jew­elry and for gild­ing. 54. A slen­der dou­ble-reed in­stru­ment. 56. (ar­chaic or Scot­tish) Faith­ful and true. 57. Small low-grow­ing an­nual or peren­nial

herbs of tem­per­ate and cool re­gions. 60. A board with the al­pha­bet on it. 61. Aus­tralian shrubs and small trees with ev­er­green usu­ally spiny leaves and dense clus­ters of showy flow­ers. 63. (pre­fix) In­di­cat­ing dif­fer­ence or vari­a­tion. 64. A pe­riod of 40 week­days from Ash

Wed­nes­day to Holy Satur­day. 65. A form of mag­netic res­o­nance imag­ing of the brain that reg­is­ters blood flow to func­tion­ing ar­eas of the brain. 66. An in­de­pen­dent ruler or chief­tain (es­pe­cially in Africa or Ara­bia). 68. A flat-bot­tomed vol­canic crater that was

formed by an explosion. 69. (pre­fix) In front of or be­fore in space. 72. Resin­like sub­stance se­creted by cer­tain

lac in­sects. 74. A soft sil­ver-white or yel­low­ish metal­lic

el­e­ment of the al­kali metal group. 75. Date used in reck­on­ing dates be­fore the

sup­posed year Christ was born.

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