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1. An arith­metic op­er­a­tion per­formed on float­ing-point num­bers. 5. Large fam­ily of im­por­tant mostly marine food fishes. 12. An­i­mal re­pro­duc­tive body con­sist­ing of an ovum or em­bryo to­gether with nu­tri­tive and pro­tec­tive en­velopes. 15. A cord that is drawn through eye­lets or around hooks in or­der to draw to­gether two edges (as of a shoe or gar­ment). 16. A mem­ber of the Siouan peo­ple for­merly in­hab­it­ing the Black Hills of western South Dakota. 17. Liq­uid ex­cre­tory prod­uct. 18. A mem­ber of the Al­go­nquian peo­ple of southern On­tario. 19. A law of­fi­cer hav­ing du­ties sim­i­lar to those of a sher­iff in car­ry­ing out the judg­ments of a court of law. 21. Ti­tle for the for­mer hered­i­tary monarch of Iran. 24. One of a set of small pieces of stiff pa­per marked in var­i­ous ways and used for play­ing games or for telling for­tunes. 25. (law) A court­room con­fer­ence be­tween the lawyers and the judge in a trial that is held out of the jury's hear­ing. 28. (Old Tes­ta­ment) The first of the ma­jor He­brew prophets (8th cen­tury BC). 30. A quan­tity of no im­por­tance. 31. An in­de­pen­dent ruler or chief­tain (es­pe­cially in Africa or Ara­bia). 34. (Sume­rian) Sun god. 37. Slug­gish tail­less Aus­tralian ar­bo­real mar­su­pial with gray furry ears and coat. 40. A Span­ish river. 42. Sim­i­lar to the striped mul­let and takes its place in the Caribbean re­gion. 46. A for­mer agency (from 1946 to 1974) that was re­spon­si­ble for re­search into atomic en­ergy and its peace­time uses in the United States. 47. The com­pass point that is one point east of north­east. 48. An awk­ward and in­ex­pe­ri­enced youth. 51. A con­densed but mem­o­rable say­ing em­body­ing some im­por­tant fact of ex­pe­ri­ence that is taken as true by many peo­ple. 53. Large sweet juicy hy­brid be­tween tan­ger­ine and grape­fruit hav­ing a thick wrin­kled skin. 56. A river in north cen­tral Switzer­land that runs north­east into the Rhine. 57. Cubes of meat mar­i­nated and cooked on a skewer usu­ally with veg­eta­bles. 59. Amer­i­can pro­fes­sional base­ball player who hit more home runs than Babe Ruth (born in 1934). 60. In­for­mal terms for a mother. 62. The el­e­men­tary stages of any sub­ject (usu­ally plu­ral). 64. A Chadic lan­guage spo­ken south of Lake Chad. 68. The act of scan­ning. 71. Ac­cord­ing to the Old Tes­ta­ment he was a pa­gan king of Is­rael and hus­band of Jezebel (9th cen­tury BC). 72. One or some or ev­ery or all with­out spec­i­fi­ca­tion. 76. Fid­dler crabs. 77. Re­lat­ing to or char­ac­ter­is­tic of or oc­cur­ring on the sea or ships. 78. (anatomy) Of or re­lat­ing to or as­so­ci­ated with the pari­etal bones in the cra­nium. 79. De­cay usu­ally ac­com­pa­nied by an of­fen­sive odor. 80. Hor­mone se­creted by the pos­te­rior pi­tu­itary gland (trade name Pitressin) and also by nerve end­ings in the hy­po­thal­a­mus. 81. Not wooded. 82. Used of a sin­gle unit or thing.

DOWN 1. A soft loosely twisted thread used in em­broi­dery. 2. Club con­sist­ing of a heavy stick (of­ten bam­boo) bound with iron. 3. The car­di­nal num­ber that is the sum of seven and one. 4. Fe­male peafowl. 5. A state of south­west­ern In­dia. 6. A soft white pre­cious uni­va­lent metal­lic el­e­ment hav­ing the high­est elec­tri­cal and ther­mal con­duc­tiv­ity of any metal. 7. An in­for­mal term for a fa­ther. 8. Be­ing nine more than forty. 9. A young un­mar­ried woman. 10. A state in the south­east­ern United States on the Gulf of Mex­ico. 11. The sense or­gan for hear­ing and equi­lib­rium. 12. An an­cient He­brew unit of dry mea­sure equal to about a bushel. 13. A toothed wheel that en­gages an­other toothed mech­a­nism in or­der to change the speed or di­rec­tion of trans­mit­ted mo­tion. 14. Cut off the tes­ti­cles. 20. Sud­den mass fear and anx­i­ety over an­tic­i­pated events. 22. An in­dus­trial city in southern Poland on the Vis­tula. 23. A heavy brit­tle dia­mag­netic triva­lent metal­lic el­e­ment (re­sem­bles ar­senic and an­ti­mony chem­i­cally). 26. A soft sil­very metal­lic el­e­ment of the al­kali earth group. 27. A pub­lic pro­mo­tion of some prod­uct or ser­vice. 29. Be­ing one more than one. 32. De­press­ing in char­ac­ter or ap­pear­ance. 33. Ital­ian lawn bowl­ing (played on a long nar­row dirt court). 35. Bound or se­cured closely. 36. A mem­ber of a Tur­kic peo­ple of Uzbek­istan and neigh­bor­ing ar­eas. 38. Fast-grow­ing herba­ceous ev­er­green tree of South Amer­ica hav­ing a broad trunk with high wa­ter con­tent and dark green oval leaves. 39. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B anti­gens. 41. A small cake leav­ened with yeast. 43. Of or re­lat­ing to or char­ac­ter­is­tic of the pre­his­toric Aegean civ­i­liza­tion. 44. Be­ing nine more than ninety. 45. A white metal­lic el­e­ment that burns with a bril­liant light. 49. (Greek mythol­ogy) The blind prophet of Thebes who re­vealed to Oedi­pus that Oedi­pus had mur­dered his fa­ther and mar­ried his mother. 50. A Dra­vid­ian lan­guage spo­ken in south cen­tral In­dia. 52. A grad­ual de­cline (in size or strength or power or num­ber). 54. (Bible) The ar­changel who was the mes­sen­ger of God. 55. Kit con­sist­ing of a com­plete out­fit (cloth­ing and ac­ces­sories) for a new baby. 58. A ra­dioac­tive el­e­ment of the ac­tinide se­ries. 61. (of com­plex­ion) Blem­ished by im­per­fec­tions of the skin. 63. The lofty nest of a bird of prey (such as a hawk or ea­gle). 65. (Zoroas­tri­an­ism) Ti­tle for benev­o­lent deities. 66. Back and sides of a hog salted and dried or smoked. 67. Make less ac­tive or in­tense. 69. An In­dian nurse­maid who looks af­ter chil­dren. 70. The work of car­ing for or at­tend­ing to some­one or some­thing. 73. (usu­ally fol­lowed by `to') Nat­u­rally dis­posed to­ward. 74. A unit of elec­tri­cal power in an AC cir­cuit equal to the power dis­si­pated when 1 volt pro­duces a cur­rent of 1 am­pere. 75. Thick­en­ing of tis­sue in the mo­tor tracts of the lat­eral col­umns and an­te­rior horns of the spinal cord.

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