Cause, nor­mal­iza­tion and re­mote free­dom fight­ers

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Sami Al-Nisf

In a re­cent TV in­ter­view, my in­ter­viewer Am­mar Taqi in­sisted on ask­ing me whether I was for nor­mal­iz­ing re­la­tions with Is­rael based on an ar­ti­cle I wrote a few days ear­lier about China and Tai­wan, in which I com­pared the ways the Chi­nese treated Tai­wan to that of the Arabs with Is­rael. In the ar­ti­cle, I ar­gued that al­though China pos­sesses mighty pow­ers, nu­clear weapons, a pop­u­la­tion of over a bil­lion and the fact that those who rec­og­nize Tai­wan are only a hand­ful, China never thought of in­vad­ing the is­land of For­mosa that won its in­de­pen­dence from China in 1949, nor threat­ens to throw its peo­ple in the sea. It never al­lowed a ‘free­dom fighter’ like Abu Am­mar to em­brace the cause then pass it down, along with mil­lions col­lected in its name, to his wife in in­her­i­tance.

As usual, it is dif­fi­cult to com­ment on part of an ar­ti­cle. What is even harder is to com­ment on a com­ment made ac­cord­ing to how the com­men­ta­tor per­ceived what he read. To start with, I would like to point out that I have paid sev­eral vis­its to Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza over the past few years. There­fore, I am talk­ing ac­cord­ing to first­hand ex­pe­ri­ence with the changes tak­ing place in the oc­cu­pied Pales­tinian ter­ri­to­ries. An ex­pe­ri­ence that those wish­ing to ‘re­motely’ fight Is­rael un­til the last drop of blood in the last Pales­tinian child’s veins and to the last stone in a house in­hab­ited by a wretched Pales­tinian fam­ily know noth­ing about.

The dis­as­ter about the Pales­tinian cause is that some politi­cians have been ad­dress­ing our emo­tions and openly de­mand­ing to wage war only to make per­sonal gains, but they would se­cretly con­fide to some peo­ple that they are in­ca­pable of achiev­ing what they say and call for. Ac­tual vis­its and min­gling with the peo­ple there en­ables one to see for him­self that de­struc­tive vic­to­ries they had been declar­ing were cursed by Pales­tinian cit­i­zens who lost their houses with­out the least hope to re­store or re­pair them.

Cit­i­zens who have lost fam­ily mem­bers and can­not speak about it be­cause they would be ac­cused of trea­son and ex­e­cuted. Those cit­i­zens won­der if that was ‘vic­tory’, what would ‘de­feat’ look like. They even­tu­ally keep silent be­cause si­lence is gold.

On the other hand, due to be­ing neigh­bors to our coun­tries for long enough, the Is­raeli peo­ple shifted from lib­er­al­ism, sec­u­lar­ism, com­mu­nism and left­ism of the Is­raeli La­bor party to sup­port­ing more rad­i­cal re­li­gious par­ties that elect more rad­i­cal lead­ers, making Ne­tanyahu seem mod­er­ate com­pared to them. Some Is­raeli thinkers and politi­cians ar­gue that the Is­raeli peo­ple lean to mod­er­a­tion and elect mod­er­ate par­ties that call from with­drawal from Pales­tinian ter­ri­to­ries, es­tab­lish an in­de­pen­dent state in re­turn for hav­ing an em­bassy there that could be closed down at any mo­ment or in re­turn for a peace pa­per that can be an­nulled or torn by some an­gry slo­gan-fo­cused lead­er­ships.

Those Is­raeli peace ad­vo­cates see nor­mal­iza­tion as the only al­ter­na­tive to shift pub­lic opin­ion and elect mod­er­ate par­ties in­stead of re­peat­edly elect­ing rad­i­cal ones that call to Ju­daize the state and trans­fer Arabs to the lands be­tween the river and Jor­dan and Si­nai!

— Trans­lated by Kuwait Times

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