Re­gional hid­den, proxy wars

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Sami Al-Nisf

The mod­ern al­ter­na­tive of tra­di­tional mil­i­tary wars that aim at de­stroy­ing the enemy, spread­ing di­vi­sion amongst its lines and de­fam­ing it be­fore other peo­ples in or­der to achieve po­lit­i­cal, eco­nomic and se­cu­rity gains at their ex­pense, is highly so­phis­ti­cated in­tel­li­gence wars that mainly de­pend on con­spir­a­cies, de­cep­tion and im­plant­ing se­cret agents who claim an­tag­o­niz­ing their ‘bosses’ in or­der to achieve the very same goals of de­stroy­ing the en­e­mies and di­vid­ing them through peo­ple who claim to be re­li­gious, pa­tri­otic, re­formist and anti-cor­rup­tion; those act­ing through the me­dia, mosque pul­pits and var­i­ous so­cial me­dia net­works.

They usu­ally dis­trib­ute roles amongst agents who cre­ate fake an­i­mos­ity and di­vi­sion amongst lead­ers, so that by hav­ing them fight each other, many naive fol­low­ers get killed and na­tions’ in­fras­truc­tures get de­stroyed in a way that makes it im­pos­si­ble for tar­get coun­tries to re­vive for decades or even cen­turies, and thus re­main weak for­ever.

In­tel­li­gence wars in­volve brain­wash­ing the most stupid, dumb, life- and peo­ple-hat­ing young peo­ple through dis­cus­sions and chats with them over so­cial me­dia net­works by peo­ple who pre­tend to be in­no­cent, god-fear­ing young men or women and not in­te­grated in­tel­li­gence agents. They are then turned into sense­less and mind­less hu­man time bombs.

Closely watch­ing what young Saad Al-Enezi did by mur­der­ing his cousin in cold blood in front of the cam­era and then killing in­no­cent Mus­lims with the il­lu­sion of go­ing to heaven (par­adise) for do­ing so is the bet proof of such brain­washed young peo­ple. Is­lamic reg­u­la­tions tell us that pulling down the Kaaba is eas­ier and more tol­er­a­ble than shed­ding an in­no­cent Mus­lim’s blood. Saad and his likes have been brain­washed us­ing so­phis­ti­cated meth­ods and drugs. Ini­tial in­ves­ti­ga­tions in the Paris blasts proved that the pres­ence of drugs in the blood of those who are sup­posed to be very rad­i­cal re­li­gious peo­ple.

Back in the 1960s, in­tel­li­gence agen­cies de­vel­oped pills known as LSD to use them in ma­nip­u­lat­ing youth minds and turn them into mer­ci­less mur­der­ers so that they could be used as sol­diers in the Viet­nam war. The Paris ter­ror­ists killed in­no­cent chil­dren and women and abused drugs. What else have they left for the in­fi­dels to be used as a rea­son for killing them?!

Turn­ing young men into obe­di­ent killing ma­chines that kill as or­dered in cold blood even if they get killed them­selves in ter­ror­ist acts they carry out is not a new ‘in­ven­tion’ or some­thing re­lated to cer­tain re­li­gions or doc­trines. or even, to win par­adise nymphs, as they are told. The same was done cen­turies ago by the sheikh of the citadel of death, Al-Has­san ibn Sabah. It was also done in the 1970s by the com­mu­nist, Pol Pot( brother num­ber one) who called the year when his troops killed half the Cam­bo­dian peo­ple as the ‘Zero Year’.

An­other con­tem­po­rary of Pot’s was ter­ror­ist Abu Nedal, who killed one third of his or­ga­ni­za­tion’s youth only to brain­wash the re­main­ing ones and in­tim­i­date them enough to hate life and be thank­ful to him for not killing them or their fam­i­lies (Stockholm Syn­drome), and then un­leash them to kill hun­dreds of in­no­cent peo­ple with­out due cause with­out even con­sid­er­ing the pos­si­bil­ity of their own death, be­cause death was like sal­va­tion for their ag­o­nies and daily hor­rors. Sad­dam and Gaddafi’s ‘sons’ used the same tech­nique with their fol­low­ers and mili­tias.

Fi­nally, and as an ex­am­ple of this method, when asked by the judge whether he wished to say some­thing be­fore sen­tenc­ing him, the young Pales­tinian sent by Abu Nedal to as­sas­si­nate the Kuwaiti me­dia fig­ure Ahmed Al-Jar­al­lah, and fired eight shots at him, said that if the judge spares his life and he some­how and some­day man­ages to es­cape prison, the first thing he would do was to kill Jar­al­lah. This young man had never known Jar­al­lah, who had never harmed or called for killing Pales­tini­ans or PLO lead­ers as Abu Nedal did be­fore he was killed, or rather say van­ished, in Bagh­dad a few months be­fore it fell in 2002.

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