Ra­zors and can­di­dates

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Saad Al-Motesh

In most ra­zor ads, pro­duc­ers show some­one glid­ing a ra­zor on his cheek and chin and use the writ­ten or spo­ken phrase of ‘You De­serve the Best’. Sim­i­larly, we find some­one as­pir­ing to win­ning a par­lia­men­tary seat us­ing the same com­mer­cial pat­tern and re­peat the same slo­gan, telling vot­ers that they ‘De­serve the Best’ only for the sake of his per­sonal in­ter­ests or those of oth­ers with the same ideas.

We have been al­ways in quest for the best, but who is he? You, dear can­di­date, will surely be the best be­cause you are try­ing to de­lude us into be­liev­ing that you are the best, al­though your history shows that you are more like a crossword puz­zle whose an­swers can some­times come through op­po­site clues. We found out that those claim­ing su­pe­ri­or­ity are as far from their claims as 11 light years. Some of the words they say are ex­actly like dis­pos­able ra­zors that look nice and shiny, but are only made for one per­son’s use.

State­ments made by some of those dream­ing of seats in elected coun­cils have be­come like ra­zors that are used only once, be­cause the days of old clas­sic type of ra­zors that could be sharp­ened and used by ev­ery­body are gone. I ad­vise you to come up with an­other slo­gan, be­cause we know that we ‘de­serve the best’ and you are not amongst them for many rea­sons such as sec­tar­i­an­ism, doc­trin­ism and trib­al­ism prac­ticed by some of you from time to time. Be as­sured that you will never be the best ex­cept for those with psy­cho­log­i­cal dis­eases!

— Trans­lated by Kuwait Times from Al-An­baa

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