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1. A bar­rier con­structed to con­tain the flow or

wa­ter or to keep out the sea. 4. Tree­like trop­i­cal Asian herbs. 12. Sys­tem of mea­sure­ment based on cen­time­ters and grams and sec­onds. 15. An agency of the United Na­tions af­fil­i­ated

with the World Bank. 16. The ab­sence of men­tal stress or anx­i­ety. 17. A state­ment that de­vi­ates from or per­verts

the truth. 18. A met­ric unit of vol­ume or ca­pac­ity equal

to 10 liters. 19. A cyst on the un­der­side of the tongue. 20. Af­fect with won­der. 22. Of or re­lat­ing to Oman or its peo­ple. 24. The length of a straight line pass­ing through the cen­ter of a cir­cle and con­nect­ing two points on the cir­cum­fer­ence. 25. A small ca­noe con­sist­ing of a light frame

made wa­ter­tight with an­i­mal skins. 26. Beads threaded on a string. 27. Ac­cord or com­port with. 29. (of an­i­mals) Fully de­vel­oped. 32. The cap­i­tal and largest city of Nor­way. 36. A soft yel­low mal­leable duc­tile (triva­lent

and uni­va­lent) metal­lic ele­ment. 37. A group of Plains In­di­ans for­merly liv­ing in what is now North and South Dakota and Ne­braska and Kansas and Arkansas and Louisiana and Ok­la­homa and Texas. 40. (physics and chem­istry) The small­est com­po­nent of an ele­ment hav­ing the chem­i­cal prop­er­ties of the ele­ment. 41. The cap­i­tal and largest city of Cyprus. 44. Half the width of an em. 45. Be com­pat­i­ble or in ac­cor­dance with. 46. A blue dye ob­tained from plants or made

syn­thet­i­cally. 47. A cylin­dri­cal draw­string bag used by sailors

to hold their cloth­ing and other gear. 50. A Chadic lan­guage spo­ken in north­ern

Nige­ria. 52. The 26th let­ter of the Ro­man al­pha­bet. 53. Elec­tri­cal con­duc­tion through a gas in an

ap­plied elec­tric field. 54. Man­u­fac­tured in stan­dard sizes to be

shipped and as­sem­bled else­where. 56. Re­mote and sep­a­rate phys­i­cally or so­cially. 58. A brit­tle aro­matic resin used in var­nishes. 61. A huge de­struc­tive wave (es­pe­cially one

caused by an earth­quake). 67. An up­right tri­pod for dis­play­ing some­thing

(usu­ally an artist's can­vas). 68. A port in west­ern Is­rael on the

Mediter­ranean. 71. (Poly­ne­sian) An al­co­holic drink made from

the aro­matic roots of the kava shrub. 72. An un­fore­seen ob­sta­cle. 74. At any time. 75. The ba­sic unit of money in West­ern Samoa. 76. The sixth month of the Hindu cal­en­dar. 77. A piece of fur­ni­ture with a writ­ing sur­face and usu­ally draw­ers or other com­part­ments.


1. (Ro­man mythol­ogy) A princess of Tyre who

was the founder and queen of Carthage. 2. (Old Tes­ta­ment) In Judeo-Chris­tian mythol­ogy. 3. The cap­i­tal and largest city of Equa­to­rial Guinea on the is­land of Bioko in the Gulf of Guinea. 4. A chain of coral and vol­canic is­lands in Mi­crone­sia half­way be­tween New Guinea and Ja­pan. 5. A rep­tile genus of Iguanidae. 6. The re­gion of the shore of a lake or sea or

ocean. 7. Wild sheep of north­ern Africa. 8. West In­dian tree hav­ing racemes of fra­grant white flow­ers and yield­ing a durable tim­ber and resinous juice. 9. Ex­am­i­na­tion of con­science (as done daily by

Je­suits). 10. The branch of com­puter science that deal with writ­ing com­puter pro­grams that can solve prob­lems cre­atively. 11. Physi­cist hon­ored for ad­vances in solid

state elec­tron­ics (born in Ja­pan in 1925). 12. Soil that is plas­tic when moist but hard

when fired. 13. An an­cient Egyp­tian city on the west bank

of the Nile op­po­site Cairo. 14. (com­puter science) The move­ment of a read/write head to a spe­cific data track on a disk v 1. 21. A Powhatan In­dian woman (the daugh­ter of Powhatan) who be­friended the English at Jamestown and is said to have saved Cap­tain John Smith's life (1595-1617). 23. United States as­tronomer (1835-1909). 28. Recorded on film. 30. A per­son who de­stroys or ru­ins or lays

waste to. 31. A triva­lent metal­lic ele­ment of the rare

earth group. 33. A fixed num­ber of lines of verse form­ing a

unit of a poem. 34. United States physi­cian who in 1863 founded a med­i­cal school for women (1813-1888). 35. Beaten eggs or an egg mix­ture cooked

un­til just set. 38. A draw­ing in­tended to ex­plain how some­thing works. 39. An in­for­mal term for a fa­ther. 42. Cubes of meat mar­i­nated and cooked on a

skewer usu­ally with veg­eta­bles. 43. An Ara­bic speak­ing per­son who lives in

Ara­bia or North Africa. 48. A for­mal charge of wrong­do­ing brought

against a per­son. 49. Strike with dis­gust or re­vul­sion. 51. (used of count nouns) Ev­ery one con­sid­ered in­di­vid­u­ally. 55. A He­brew prophet in the Old Tes­ta­ment

who op­posed the wor­ship of idols. 57. Some­what ill or prone to ill­ness. 59. Lake in north­west­ern Rus­sia near the bor­der with Fin­land. 60. At full speed. 62. The cap­i­tal and largest city of Ye­men. 63. A rounded thickly curled hairdo. 64. An ex­trav­a­gantly en­thu­si­as­tic re­view. 65. United States com­poser noted for his in­no­va­tive use of poly­tonal­ity (1874-1954). 66. Dis­turb in mind or make uneasy or cause to

be wor­ried or alarmed. 69. Ti­tle for a civil or mil­i­tary leader (es­pe­cially

in Tur­key). 70. An in­ter­est fol­lowed with ex­ag­ger­ated zeal. 73. A soft gray duc­tile metal­lic ele­ment used in


Good for­tune opens up for you when things hap­pen in a very nat­u­ral way. Sit­u­a­tions are al­most magic and it is easy to see which path is the one to take. There are plenty of op­por­tu­ni­ties to en­joy your sur­round­ings. Your home en­vi­ron­ment, friends and sur­round­ings in gen­eral be­come sim­pli­fied and you re­ceive en­cour­age­ment to com­plete some project. Your work or ca­reer is in real har­mony with the rest of your life. You could gain from sub­or­di­nates or young peo­ple at this time. Emo­tional se­cu­rity, a sense of be­long­ing and nur­tur­ing are is­sues felt in­stinc­tively now. You may de­cide to ac­cept an in­vi­ta­tion to teach a night a week in a chil­dren’s safety class. This is some­thing you could do well and it may in­clude com­mon­sense tech­niques and ac­tion moves.

It is a good thing that we have days, weeks, months and years to live our life and ex­pe­ri­ence our ad­ven­tures and lessons. It would be dif­fi­cult to have all of our ad­ven­tures in only a few days. Be thank­ful you only need to deal with today and you will teach with a grate­ful heart. You have the mind of a lawyer, able to size up a prob­lem and come up with a so­lu­tion. Us­ing your mind to ne­go­ti­ate ob­sta­cles and han­dle dilem­mas is just where you want to be this day. You have an in­nate abil­ity to guide and lead oth­ers through the hur­dles and hassles of life. You could be very much in de­mand as a coun­selor. It is re­ward­ing for you, as you solve prob­lems. For tonight, take some time off to ex­pound upon your thank­ful list, par­tic­u­larly those spe­cial to your heart.

Today and to­mor­row are the best times to be­gin a new habit-per­haps a diet. All the en­er­gies are work­ing in your fa­vor to be suc­cess­ful with this pos­i­tive en­deavor. Emo­tional se­cu­rity, a sense of be­long­ing and nur­tur­ing-th­ese are is­sues that are felt in­stinc­tively now. You may be sought after for your un­der­stand­ing in a very per­sonal and emo­tional is­sue that con­cerns young peo­ple. You will be able to be sym­pa­thetic and help­ful to han­dle this sen­si­tive ma­te­rial. Us­ing your mind and not your emo­tions, you are able to sim­plify the com­pli­cated by find­ing the truth of most mat­ters. Close re­la­tion­ships take on more im­por­tance. This is a great time to re­flect and un­der­stand your own life path. There is a sense of sup­port and har­mony this evening that brings peo­ple close.

You may re­al­ize that there is a need for bal­ance in your life. You may find it dif­fi­cult to be spon­ta­neous, to get away from rou­tine and do some­thing dif­fer­ent. How­ever, a lit­tle laugh­ter, a lit­tle mu­sic and a lit­tle ex­pres­sion of your tal­ent will help. You could be fill­ing your week with too much work and not enough va­ri­ety. Oth­ers may see in you a crea­ture of rou­tine. Per­haps now is a good time to at least think about some­thing that you have al­ways wanted to do or to learn and mo­ti­vate your­self in new di­rec­tions-for a lit­tle time. Be brave . . . Seek to taste, feel or sense a new dif­fer­ence. The weather may change soon . . . Make your prepa­ra­tions for the win­ter. Go through your liv­ing and meal prepa­ra­tion ar­eas and list items to re­stock or make re­pairs. Emo­tional se­cu­rity, a sense of be­long­ing and nur­tur­ing are felt in­stinc­tively now. You want roots; you crave a sense of in­ti­mate con­nec­tion that will lasta cas­tle against the vi­cis­si­tudes of the world, so to speak. An op­por­tu­nity to vol­un­teer with the po­lice de­part­ment in your city is a good op­por­tu­nity for you to feel needed. You might even find a neigh­bor that would join you in the project. You make ev­ery ef­fort to im­prove your liv­ing con­di­tions as well as re­la­tion­ships now. You know you must be will­ing to lis­ten in or­der for com­mu­ni­ca­tion to be at its best. Mak­ing a good im­pres­sion and putting your best foot for­ward take on a greater im­por­tance. You may be re­assess­ing your wardrobe as ap­pear­ances be­come most im­por­tant.

Your men­tal think­ing marks the sin­gle most ac­tive fac­tor in your makeup. The key spot in your per­son­al­ity and cir­cum­stances is your mind-the world of ideas and com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Oth­ers may not ap­pre­ci­ate your ex­pressed ideals and goals or may chal­lenge them. A new planet, a ufo sight­ing, a new book idea are all the things you may en­joy in­volv­ing your en­er­gies with at this time. You could find it easy to be­come car­ried away and be in­dis­crim­i­nate or for­feit your sense of val­ues. This hap­haz­ard think­ing is the per­fect av­enue for the fic­tion story you want to write. Your loved ones want to en­joy your com­pany this evening. You could find your­self in­volved in some word or board games. There is much com­mu­ni­ca­tion and laugh­ter.

You may find your­self alone most of this day and it may be how you planned the day. After chores are com­pleted, a spe­cial book, a mu­sic store or a long-awaited op­por­tu­nity to dive into some fa­vorite hobby is just where your en­ergy has set­tled. This is the per­fect time to let your creative self be ex­pres­sive. Use mod­er­ate dis­crim­i­na­tion re­gard­ing your eat­ing habits later today. You are very gifted with great mag­netism and warmth and also a keen and pow­er­ful mind that oth­ers find quite in­trigu­ing so . . . Make the time alone today of short du­ra­tion. It could be that your friends will pick you up this evening to go along on a camp­ing trip. Be sure to bring a rain jacket and a pair of ex­tra shoes. Your har­mon­ica or guitar might be fun to bring along as well. Some­one with a tough shell, as far as per­son­al­ity is con­cerned, has not fooled you a bit. You are hard to fool and can turn a sour per­son into a very trust­ing friend. You treat an­i­mals the same as you do friends and may find peo­ple bring you the wounded and dam­aged an­i­mals from around your com­mu­nity. Word gets around that you are a very sen­si­tive in­di­vid­ual but you may feel that the se­cret to your in­sight is all in the lis­ten­ing; you think oth­ers can do the same. Today a young per­son has strange ideas and if you help this per­son, con­sider help­ing them with the how in­stead of the why of his or her think­ing. Gos­sip is out, but cre­at­ing pos­i­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tion is good. You en­joy

com­mu­ni­cat­ing and the day is very full. Es­cape with a bit of mu­sic tonight.


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