KFC Kuwait achieves high­est records for global food qual­ity stan­dards in Mid­dle East

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KFC, the world-fa­mous name in chicken has had its high stan­dards of food qual­ity and clean­li­ness cer­ti­fied in Kuwait, through a se­ries of strict and on-go­ing au­dit­ing pro­cesses. In 2015, KFC passed a to­tal of 980 QA Au­dits in Kuwait and for 2016 run­ning up to Septem­ber it has passed 781, re­ceived from both the in­ter­nal KFC au­dit team and a num­ber of autho­rized ex­ter­nal au­dit­ing com­pa­nies.

KFC takes great care to adopt qual­ity mea­sures across all of its pro­cesses, par­tic­u­larly as it pin­points all prac­tices, rang­ing from stor­age prod­ucts and meth­ods of op­er­a­tion han­dled and pre­pared in the cook­ing process, for both in-store serv­ing within any Kuwait branches and home de­liv­er­ies. The com­pany takes into ac­count the high­est food qual­ity stan­dards when it comes to clean­li­ness and pre­ci­sion, in order to make the high­est qual­ity prod­ucts within the re­quired time­frame.

The com­pany launched a Restau­rant Op­er­a­tion Com­pli­ance Check (ROCC) in June 2016, which was adopted in au­dits for the de­vel­op­ment of ap­proved QSR mea­sure­ment tools, to fo­cus on food safety and stan­dards for the prod­uct and the lo­cal mar­ket.

The in­spec­tion and in­ter­nal au­dit pro­cesses em­ployed use a num­ber of mea­sur­ing in­stru­ments, most no­tably the CER tool for the re­view of ex­cel­lence, which is based on the fol­low-up, mon­i­tor­ing and mea­sure­ment of five ma­jor at­tributes, namely: clean­li­ness, hospi­tal­ity, ac­cu­racy, main­te­nance, and fi­nally the prod­uct’s qual­ity and speed of ser­vice when deal­ing with cus­tomers. Com­pany sources con­firm that last year, 2015, saw 217 CER Eval­u­a­tions for the com­pany’s branches in Kuwait and 60 CER eval­u­a­tions in Q1 2016.

Par­ent com­pany Yum has car­ried out these au­dits in the in­ter­nal mar­ket through FSCC glob­ally who have been ac­cred­ited to carry out checks and con­trols on food safety, tak­ing into ac­count the healthy serv­ing of food to cus­tomers.

Kuwait has scored the best re­sults in the Mid­dle East, amount­ing to 95% of global stan­dards in per­for­mance, which saw 118 YUM FSCC au­dits car­ried out in KFC Kuwait. In 2016 the fast food chain re­ceived 119 au­dits by TUV Com­pany, op­er­at­ing on be­half of YUM, achiev­ing 95% of global stan­dards in per­for­mance un­til Septem­ber.

KFC has taken a great num­ber of steps to con­duct a se­ries of train­ing work­shops for qual­ity. In Jan­uary 2016, the com­pany car­ried out four train­ing work­shops in Kuwait, at­tended by more than 85 branch man­agers and the area’s trainer, in order to en­sure food safety skills are as up-to-date and to cre­ate a pos­i­tive cul­ture of food safety in restau­rants.

The com­pany also uses an­other method for check­ing on the qual­ity of their prod­ucts through LABCO lab­o­ra­to­ries, ap­plied through the cri­te­ria used on KFC prod­ucts, draw­ing sam­ples of raw ma­te­ri­als from the food, and sam­ples from cook­ing pro­cesses that reach the con­sumer. Wa­ter and ice cubes are also care­fully checked through a qual­ity au­dit team and are cer­ti­fied as clean and fresh upon pre­sen­ta­tion to cus­tomers.

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